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Phillip Cooper – Candle Magic (2000 © Phillip Cooper Published by Samuel Wieser New York)

From the original how to access your subconscious power author, Phillip Cooper; the  is no nonsense and no superstition, Magickian himself. He is not RHP or LHP but he is all about your self discovery and throwing out all the superstition that has been holding you back.This a candle magick tome from a solid psychological approach.

As above, so below applies here as inner and outer sciences. The science of color and the art of magick. This is my favorite candle magick book; complete with instructions for constructing the magickal sphere of power and awakening the power within. This book is great for the beginner as a primer for color magick, planetary correspondences and solid psychological techniques.

This book also has one of the best descriptions for the construction of an astral temple. I really like the way he imagines it. Imagination is a key to activating and unleashing the inner power.  The techniques described in this book can be used and applied by any one of any path. It is not a one size fits all; it is that your size fits you. You are the key to unleashing your potential.

I really enjoyed reading this book as it is not just your run of the mill, recipe spell book. The author provides techniques for developing your own arcana according to your own tastes. These techniques can be utilized by the atheistic, theistic or philosophical practitioner. At one time all scientist and sorcerers were considered philosophers. That being said I love the ambiance created by candles. Candle magick is one of my favorite kinds of magick. Fire is so primal and raw; I love working with an open flame. That makes this my favorite Phillip Cooper book.
If you would like to design your own fire rites for any purpose, I definitely recommend this book.
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Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Book Review by Firestorm Coraxo

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