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Science and the Occult

What is really exciting about being an occultist now is that breakthroughs are being made every day by independent researchers. Occultists and scientists are working on this and publishing every day. Jay Alfred has written three books on Dark Plasma Theory ( which discuss in depth the similarities between his theories and metaphysical theories recorded by many spiritual writers in the past.  David Anderson who is one Nasa researcher ( has put forth the idea that consciousness is the unified field theory aka holy grail of physics.  Lux Occasus ( an independent researcher is researching the quantum physics behind magic. He has been working on it for two years that I know of and periodically publishes his ideas; but is hardly finished with his research.

If I may: let me take you back in time for some perspective. In the 1600’s, plus and minus signs were considered witchcraft in polite society. Around the same time the grammar and spelling were in the process of being standardized. Before that the English language was spelled phonetically; which because of local dialects caused some confusion depending on contextual usage. The founders of chemistry and astronomy were alchemists and astrologers. Much superstition in the scientific community still surrounds these subjects. I remember my astronomy teacher in college used to say the difference between astrology and astronomy was that one was mathematical (astronomy). Which is not a true statement at all, since the calculation of a Natal Chart and Progressive Charts requires detailed mathematical and geometric calculations. There are also spiritual people who have the same kind of attitude toward science.

The fact remains that what we call orthodox science and what we call magick exist in the same universe and are governed by the same scientific laws. The only difference is that magick utilizes scientific laws of the same universe, but that are not yet understood by orthodox science.

In the late eighties was I was involved with a metaphysical group dedicated to building the bridge between science and magick. I soon discovered that there have always been paranormal cases documented by scientists that were thrown out by orthodox scientists who themselves witnessed the phenomena, such as in the Ted Serios case ( Even though Ted consistently repeated the phenomena, the scientists still completely disregarded it. How unscientific of those scientists: too determined that what he was able to do was useless.

Now what is often misunderstood, is that most of what is considered to be orthodox science is indeed theoretical in the aspect of explaining why phenomena behaves the way it does. For example: Newtonian Physics, which breaks down at a quantum level. In other words, science can fly planes and create the internet and the assumption is made that our current understanding of science must be true. The problem remains that science is only seeing part of the picture.

Now it is very practical to operate within known parameters, but in the first place, those parameters were discovered by people thinking outside the box.  This should be a given for most of us in the LHP. Most LHP sorcerers are result-driven and very scientific even in their most imaginative approach. The LHP exists out of individuals who dared to think outside of the box and questioned even that.

In the Ted Serios case he was able to create photographs on undeveloped film. It was repeated and observed and recorded amply. The problem was that the scientists never asked how or why he could do it. They concluded it is a useless parlor trick. Perhaps it is useless (for that sake of argument), but what is going on?  How does it work?  From the perspective of the undeveloped film it could only respond to light writing on it. Light that is indeed quantifiable energy. I took photography courses in college and know what it takes to create an image Polaroid film. Those scientists could not think outside the box but two independent researchers saw what it implied. I also saw immediately what is implied. It seems to me that to write on film with the mind, that maybe what we call thought is actually quantifiable energy.

Unfortunately we still live in a world where even the most cutting edge researchers are still operating under certain religious and philosophical distortions. So for instance while Jay Alfred’s research is incredible, when he wrote his books he did not have the whole picture. His perspective and approach on the metaphysics he is presenting seems to have a more mainstream new age flavor. He simply does not have the whole picture because so much of the Occult was underground for so long. Much of the Occult knowledge base that is not underground is still very obscure to most people. For instance in his book “Beyond the Moon and Earth,” he describes many Enochian ideas but seems to be totally unaware of Enochian. He describes one of the theoretical levels and essentially is describing the 30th Aethyr of Tex. Furthermore he seems biased as to what is good and bad in the regions he describes. While trying to remain objective he still clings to certain religious programming. What he seems to not be aware of is the LHP perspective on the theories that he describes. For instance while he describes a certain dense area he considers to be like hell, in relation to that area he also describes one theoretical possibility that leads to quantum tunneling. While this is very interesting he still describes it as a bad thing because he does not understand the LHP perspective.

Now I am going to go off the deep end into the great unknown. If you take the short cut and don’t read the books on Dark Plasma Theory but instead decide to get the watered down version on YouTube, you will not see how this subject relates to the relationship of his research and the occult. If you go to YouTube most of the Dark Plasma Theory videos are about Aliens and Ufology. What is exciting here for the LHP Sorcerer, is that what Jay Alfred describes is the physics of and the existence of Praeter-Human Intelligences.

If you are at all interested in the science behind magick, then it is my opinion that you must read Mr. Alfred’s research. I am not saying his theory is a fact; it is, of course, only a theory, but I am saying the ideas he presents are exciting and need to be tested in the Temple/Lab of the LHP individual.

Jay Alfred published his e-books for free download on his main site  (
David Anderson talks about his unified field theory in (

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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