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Save Rosia – Montana! Say No To Cyanides

This is not one of my usual occult articles that you’ve been used to read so far. This is a call for unity against a corporation that is treating to destroy one of the UNESCO’s world heritages, a place not only full of history but breathtakingly beautiful. I am not here to defend the Romanian Government also, that is wholly corrupted and easily bribed and sold the country piece by piece for over 20 years, letting it’s economy to go to ruin and it’s people to enslave themselves.

I am speaking as one that cares and tries to be active in all the humanitarian campaigns and donates to both Greenpeace and UNICEF, no matter what country their campaigns are…Do not let yourself to fall into the ignorance mode saying that is ”not my country anyway” because if today one country is destroyed then tomorrow might be yours, tomorrow you might be the one that drinks cyanide water, think about your children and their future no matter that you are in your 20’s and not married. It is your time for action…in Poland, Greece,Italy,UK,Australia or U.S.

If the Romanian Government doesn’t cares then show them that THE WORLD is taking action. The  big history is done by the people and never by the ruling class!We live in a time when we need another revolution, a different one though…a GREEN REVOLUTION because if we, the humans continue what we do now then in a short time, we will implode. Learn to care!

Here is a very good British documentary about Rosia Montana.
and here I added some of the petitions for Rosia Montana

Here is a link from Greenpeace Romania on that subject and their petition.

These days thousands of Romanians protested in the streets against the new law project adopted by the Government that lets the R.M. Gold Corporation to exploit gold, silver and rare metals in Rosia Montana with the help of cyanides even if that means the complete destruction of the place. Many people didn’t sold their lands to the Corporation BUT the new law let’s them exploit without landowners consent. Many people could die, many children and old people that are unable to move, that lived their entire life there…

Sign the petitions and if you can donate. Greenpeace Romania has been very militant so far regarding this threat.

Greenpeace CEE România
Strada Ing. Vasile Cristescu, nr. 18
Sector 2, Bucure?ti
Tel./Fax: +40 31 435 57 43
Contact: info @ greenpeace . Ro

Article by Kirke

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