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Satanism as quintessence of the Left Hand Path

Satanism is described usually as “devil worship”. The word ‘ Satan ‘ comes from the ancient Greek / Hebrew and means “adversary”. Thus, Satan is an archetype of weathering – opponent that causes what is commonly accepted, who defies – who wants to know. In essence, Satan is a symbol of dynamic motion : generating force behind evolutionary change.

In reality, Satan is both symbolic or archetypal, and real. He exists beyond individuals and individual psyche. A true Satanist begins a journey (initiation) to become, lifetime and beyond, a type of being of the same nature as Satan – to evolve into a new form of existence. This road is a dynamic and real and requires that those who aspire to follow the path of Satanism go further than others. The Satanism leads to new dimensions of being: get on the “Black Arts”, having its foundation in the arts. Some of these represent a deeper esoteric and another part is in the techniques, methods, or how to create a new individual. Satanist effectively learns to play the role of a god.

While Satanism, from what I said above, involves the individual to follow a path to reach that Satan is relevant to reflect on who and what is Satan. Satan is the Prince of Darkness – Master of all things hidden or secret, both within ourselves and outside of ourselves. He is the force behind evolutionary change. He is the Lord of Life – of all the sensual delights and pleasures.

Satan is also “bad”, “dark” or “sinister” – ruthless , cruel , Lord of Death. He can and encourage suffering , misery , death. But all these things are impersonal – are natural consequences of life, change and evolution.

Satan, by nature, can not be ”bribed” or “propitiated” – and any of its services cannot be purchased through a “pact” or whatever. He is not interested in such trifles. Thus, there can be persons who offer to him prayers or whatever in exchange for favors. Such practices involve fear, submission and other traits that Satan despises.

By living life by works, so does a Satanist becomes like Satan and evolve and take part in a new and higher existence. Such are the facts which bring understanding esoteric knowledge, goals, forbidden experiences and pleasures of life – and there are those who change others and the world around us and can bring suffering, misery, death: which are in short, evil .

Furthermore, Satan is a real entity – He is not only a symbol of certain natural forces and energies . He lives there – causing changes – outside our psyche. Individual desires our appliances or even our individual magic. However, this “life-force” is not “human”  – it is not related in any body and no causal space and our time . Esoterically speaking, is a-casual .

A Satanist is evolving toward a higher form – expressing conscious evolution in action.

In conclusion, as I wrote in the title of this article, for me, Satanism is the quintessence of Left Hand Path.

Article by Darkthrone85

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