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Satanism and Forgiveness

I will begin this article with a Picard Face Palm. People, when you log onto the internet, try to treat everyone with an acceptable level of civility. We are not in Kansas anymore Toto. Not everyone is still living under the dogma of Christianity. Now I know pagans have been on the defense about not being bad guys that they seem to still behave under certain Christian dogmas. So maybe you have been on pagan forums before and think the Satanic Community is just made up of darker pagans. I must say that there is prolific diversity in the Satanic community. No two Satanists are alike. Any assumption is a false assumption. Expect anything.

So I am having to write this article to clear up two things. There is no morality that governs Satanists or Left Hand Path Magickians. We have our own personal moral code but that is subject to situations that may arise, we are free to act as we see fit. But people seem to have this dis-associative disorder when they log onto the internet. They think that they can say whatever and they are not accountable for what they say. Truly you are free but like in the three dimensional world where you live and work there is cause and affect.  You say something and there is a response. The people on the other end are as real as you are. The problem is that they may have the Mojo to do something about it. Furthermore they are not obligated by any moral code to forgive you.

Most people log onto Satanic forums as students. Truthfully we are all students. We are looking for like-minded individuals to share information and learn with. What is really great is a few awesome writers do their marketing in social network forums. This makes the internet a great resource to find out when their next book is coming out and what their latest projects are. So if you are able to conduct yourself with a modicum of civility you may learn some very interesting information. And isn’t that what the internet is for, to be the information super-highway?

Unfortunately there are those who log on because their life sucks and they are using the internet to take their crap out on other people. Those are what is known as the common internet troll. Some of those people see Satanists as easy targets thinking we must be some kind of nutters. When they find this not the case then they want forgiveness. Even so sometimes sincere students have an off day and offend someone and then want forgiveness. You cross a Satanist, just to let you know; you take your chances. So don’t expect them to sit quietly in the shadows and say yes, yes we are good, everything is okay, you are forgiven. Even if they say truce, don’t be surprised when they even the score.

Please do not misunderstand, Christianity is the fear based religion; not Satanism, not Luciferian Ideology and certainly not the Left Hand Path. Nevertheless it is common sense to not go around kicking people in the shins for no reason. I understand that you may have been raised in a Christian World where you could do that and maybe they would coddle you because they want to fix you. Not here babe, welcome to the real world that your mama never told you about. Unless I was your mama, but that is another story.
If you want forgiveness, you know where you can go.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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