venerdě, settembre 17, 2021 22:09

Random LHP Updates

E.A. Koetting has sent The Book of Azazel to the printers for final layout and publishing.  Yay!

Social Networks
Dementia Armand is creating new social networking sites for artists, writers, musicians, occultists, satanists, witches and LHP sorcerers. Non-ning nerworks, as she likes to call them. They are to replace Facebook and social networks that violate our privacy. Yay!  Facebook sucks. Dementia ( is a web genius, writer, founder of Demented Mind Productions ( and the lead singer of The Dead Dolls ( That’s one talented woman!
Here are the new social networks:

For those who do not know, my 16 year old daughter (who is a writer as well) does all of my editing, proofreading and, from time to time, ghost writing. Yay

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

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