mercoledž, giugno 26, 2019 08:24

Random LHP Updates

Warlock Asylum has the most recent E. A. Koetting interview hot off the web press this is a must read and beautiful.

Oh my: E. A. Koetting is experiencing unprecedented interest in his work so he had to make a professional profile  Awesome and congratulations. The Leather Bound Special Reserve of Book of Azazel the book of the Damned is sold out in the pre-order phase. There are still Limited Edition Cloth Bounds still available for pre-order. Oh yeah get them while they are hot: before they sell out too.

I would like to introduce to you here my favorite Arizona Satanic Web Casts: meet Damon Foster and the crew at Satanic Views. Enjoy entertaining and educational episodes from some fun and innovative individuals.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Updates by Firestorm Coraxo

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