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Random LHP Updates

Happy Valentines! Warlock Asylum has an offering for you; Ereshkigal: The Goddess of True Love…

Speaking of Masks of the Gods, dark artist Priest Anathema’s online gallery is up and running and he makes awesome masks and infernal delights.  

Of course his gallery was created by that lovely web-spinner Dementia Armand.
For all of the people on facebook and such mainstream social networking sites complaining about said sites: Remember, Dementia has created social networks just for you. Enjoy!

Nephilim press currently has quite an impressive list of LHP books on the verge of being available.
E. A. Koetting says he pleased at how the editing is turning out for the Book of Azazel and that it is indeed in its final pre-publishing stages, though can not yet commit to a date.

Luciferian Apotheca is offering an awesome C.D. for Qlippothic Pathworking at an extremely affordable price.  If for nothing else, it is at least essential to obtain correct pronunciations and understand how the vibrated staota should sound.

I just got a chance to listen to Michael W. Ford’s February podcasts and I really think that they are a must for anyone reading his books and working with his material.
Enjoy while we wait for ‚ÄúDragon of the Two Flames.‚ÄĚ
He also offers additional material to his books via YouTube.

Ressurection: anti valentine party.
February 17th, DJ Phoenixxx does it again.The revolution may not be televised, but it is going to be at the ALTAR bar 1620 PENN Ave. PITTSBURGH, PA from 10PM to 2AM ages 18 and up.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

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