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Quit hitting yourself…

I am often inspired to write an article simply because self-destructive ideas are still infecting the occult community. Many people agree that a belief in karma or the threefold law are good ideas.  I have personally witnessed sorcerers and witches beat themselves to death with this madness. Literally killing themselves because they are holding onto a belief that punishes them for their actions. I have known people who consider themselves, “good guys,” who do destructive magick for a “good” reason and then accept a belief that they will suffer for it. Which they did suffer, because they believed that they deserved it. The Dhampatta clearly states that objects follow their thoughts, the way a wagon follows the ox. Your belief is a powerful thing and can empower or destroy you.

If there was a cosmic justice squad this world would look a lot different. The fact is that whatever you choose to believe affects what you experience. It does not change the facts but clearly, karma is not an objective phenomena. It is clearly a purely subjective phenomena based on personal experience. If it were an effective adjustment system of checks and balances, bullies would not be allowed to go unchecked. Man’s inhumanity to man would cease because those who cause harm would suffer harm and those who do good would reap good. Cause and affect is an objective force in that we reap what we sow, what we believe manifests, entirely without moral restriction. Moral concepts were created to keep slaves, happy to suffer. Hell, most of the cliché sayings that society takes for granted, are completely illogical and inconsistent with experience.

If you are a Magickian, Witch, Wiccan, Sorcerer, Enchanter or any type of Magickal Person, abandon false moral concepts, or you will be your own worst enemy. Lest you should cast an ill spell and expect ill in return, holding on to that belief  is like hitting yourself with a stick. For the love of all that is within you, quit hitting yourself. If you cannot behave in enlightened self-interest, then go ahead and off yourself with that stupid stick, called karma.

Let me give you an example: societal programming says that sex is immoral except under specific conditions. So if you were raised that way and practice a form of Tantra involving sexual stimulation. The result will be self destructive and demoralizing. If on the one hand you are employing these methods to liberate yourself but on the other hand believing in Karma, you are hurting yourself. To liberate yourself from all limits then you must let go of misunderstood concepts that are used wholesale by society to control people.

I know for a fact the “sex is bad” idea still infects the occult community at large, because sex rites are still taboo. In the event a group actually practices sex rites they are labeled, evil. (face palm). At the same time tantra is incredibly popular for the same reason. Even though Tantra is not about sex, it utilizes our potent libido to awaken our true potential.

Allocating your thought and energy resources to punish yourself will work amazingly well. Zen Buddhist illustrate the idea of karma taken to its ultimate degree when they cannot step on a bug.  You have to think for yourself and let go of superstitions intended to stop you from spending your energy outside of the status quo. It is time that you spend your time and energy on your projects without sabotaging them by feeling bad or naughty.  Karma is a left over concept used to keep the individual under control, by tricking him into controlling himself according to the status quo idea of right and wrong; and not according to your idea of right and wrong.

The process of awakening and ascension is difficult and we must shed outdated and self-destructive ideas programmed to take out anyone who dares to tamper with the powers reserved for the gods. If you tap those powers and act as a god but think what you are doing is somehow wrong then you are choosing to punish yourself. I have heard people martyr themselves by saying they have to do this one spell and then choosing to believe they will be punished for it.  The Left Hand Path has no room for this kind of nonsense.

If someone jumps you and you defend yourself, you don’t kick your own ass, later. If someone crosses you, do what you have to do, but do not do anything that you think is wrong. Just thinking that way will start the ball rolling. Save yourself because you are the only one who will.  If you were jumped on the street and defended yourself, would you punish yourself for that? Of course not, the same applies to destructive magick which generally only occurs when someone deliberately and persistently fucks with you. Do your worst but be sure that you have purged yourself of the concept of karma, first.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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