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Pope Fraize – The Black Book of the Abyss (2006)

This is indeed a black tome to go down in history. The author presents a practical magick approach steeped in his own experience. He is both practical and poetic. Artist, musician, author and sorcerer weaving his work and he is that rare man who is both dreamer and pragmatist. Thus this book is both down to earth and challenges the limits of what we really are and what we are doing here. This book does not ignore the dark or the light, but presents a balanced, passionate and practical approach as well as forbidden rites to enrich your magickal experience and open the Abyss.
Political correctness is out the window here with this book. If you are afraid to look into the Abyss within, then you must go the other way. The self proclaimed Pope of the Church of Leviathan founded in 2004 and prophet of Satan has a lot to say and little most people want to hear. We share a passion: personal freedom and he is consistently the full embodiment of that every day and night. As in he does not tire of the fight and tackles any obstacle to that freedom and defends the freedom of others.
I remember the first time I read his book and I found him on facebook and told him I liked it. He was genuinely surprised not out of modesty but because he says such outrageous things in the book that he has gotten a lot of mixed reactions. He received his prophecies and visions in lucid dreaming and they are not good. For instance he foresees the return of the burning times as in a return to religious intolerance with lethal consequences. He openly condemns child abuse, rape and intolerance. He has interesting and morbid suggestions for the destruction of those who hurt children. He is all fire and passion.
One of the ideas that the Pope calls for in the book is a type of unity between Pagans and Satanists to protect our freedom of religion and magickal practice.
This is not a book about all problems solved. It is about identifying problems and taking them on as a group of individuals out to make a difference in the world. He presents problems that beset us all and visions of where he sees them going and possible ways to change that future.
Where this book and Pope Fraize looses people is in the ‚ÄúSatanic political correctness‚ÄĚ which has evolved out of an effort to sound open minded whether you are or not. You see people like catch phrases and buzz words and adopt them as credos. So people think they have to accept anything and not voice personal preferences. This ironically leads them to attack individual freedom of expression.
You see he really is open minded and thinks for himself. So he is not afraid to write what he really thinks and what he really means. He does not need your approval to exist or have a voice. He is not presenting a new system. He is sharing his personal notes, thoughts, prophecies and favorite rites with you. Not to get your approval but to open your mind and give you a wakeup call. Shit is about to get real and through the prophet of Satan you have been given fair warning. Are you ready?!/popefraize

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Review by Firestorm Coraxo

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