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Peter Moon – Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal (Sky Books, 2004)

The book jacket dramatically warns you three times not to read this book, lest you unleash forces beyond your control. It warns that you will face the Daemon Legion, and that if you miraculously survive, you will ultimately face yourself. Now, if you know anything about me and my severe addiction to knowledge (and especially the kind of knowledge that challenges every other piece of knowledge I devour), you know that I ate it up; I read the book in a day and a half, all 53 chapters. It turned out to be a fun book to read because I am an Occultist and because I love to be intellectually stimulated.

Indeed, there are dire consequences to reading this book. You will never see the past or the future the same way again. The fluidity of how the time stream flows together and the fluidity of consciousness to flow from one universe to another is elucidated. How has such a book survived, you may ask? Comedy of course; it is in the transmissions from parallel universes, and the theater at the end. Dire earth shattering revelations are revealed here, and how to surf the tidal waves caused by the earth shattering, as well.

Ever heard of Jack Parsons and the Babalon working, and about his mysterious death? It’s in there, and many more historical figures from all over the place and stuff I had never heard of before about Ong’s Hat and time travel, and also about Isreal Regardie being an assassin for the O.T.O. and about John Dee being the first Agent 007 and the basis for Faust.I knew these characters and many more mentioned in this book from my legitimate occult study, but never put the facts together quite the way Mr. Moon does.

Furthermore, it introduces the characters who developed quantum physics and how they developed their theories. Many new ideas and concepts are discussed in the book that are really arcane axioms. One concept is one I fully agree with, and that is that consciousness is the Unified Field theory and the Quintessence. Theories about synchronicity and everything else are discussed including engineering reality and time travel. This book in the hands of most people is an intellectual oddity at best, but in our hands it is a key to unlocking other dimensions and opening the gates; engineering reality is what LHP Sorcerers do. We live and breath solve et coagula.

Peter Moon is a prolific writer who has experimented with a new kind of writing style. It is not fiction and it is not non fiction. For the most part it is speculative non fiction but the line gets blurred when he takes the facts and starts deconstructing them and then reconstructing them. Therein he takes us into a new realm. Outlandish and outrageous theories based solidly on fact. He calls it the realm of “Modern Myth.” So I always do my research and fact checking whenever I read one of his books to sort it out for myself. He is very thought provoking and provides much food for thought.

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