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Person of Interest

I am not a follower or worshiper of any man/ woman, living or dead. I should not be so surprised by the misunderstandings that have arisen, (due to my own actions) that have made me a “person of interest” to various people with various agendas. After all most people still think along the lines of the slave mentality. Since I do not think according to the slave mentality, of course my actions will be misunderstood by those still afflicted by it.

This is me clearing up those misunderstandings. First of all, I have an agenda, to discover my true potential by any and all means available. Through both science and magick I seek to push the envelope of self discovery and defend the freedom to do so. I also seek to help others to find their own and protect their freedom to do so. Hence my personal interest in creating a world where individual freedom and diversity is encouraged.

When I find tools/ ideas that are useful in my personal alchemy, I advocate them. Unfortunately to those still afflicted by the slave mentality, my advocacy of certain methods must mean my slavish submission to said methods, authors. WAKE UP PEOPLE! When I recommend methods used by Aleister Crowley, Franz Bardon, E.A. Koetting, Michael W. Ford and many more; that does not mean I follow or worship every word they say. I adapt and apply their methods to my personal path.

What is even more disturbing is the misunderstandings surrounding my public outing of Adam Daniels intent to plagiarize Michael W. Fords books.¬† As a result I have become a “person of interest” to all kinds of people with different agendas about Michael. I have not had this much attention since I sketched nudes in fifth grade.

Let me make this clear: I am not a member of The Order of Phosphorous, I don’t slavishly follow every word that Michael says and have no connection with him except as a facebook friend. He does not talk to me, does not listen to me and no I cannot get you into T.O.P.H.

That being said I concur with most points of Luciferian Ideology and have enjoyed Dragon of the Two Flames and have met some outstanding individuals due to my work with this grimoire, and have made personal breakthroughs through this experience.

I seek my True Will and my Daemon, I worship no one and nothing outside of myself. I understand that a lot of people are suffering the lag of habitual thought patterns of the slave mentality. That was then, this is now; it is time to wake up. The person you should be interested in, is you.

Until next time…¬†¬† Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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