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Pan Anticosmic Magick

Knowledge does not have the same root, nor the same meaning of understanding.

The content of this article is all and nothing at the same time.

Pan’s appearance gave a reflection to what generated the evil creation of the horns and Satan; the eternal fear of dark light, which reveals a link between Chaos, Satan and Pan.

Pan is the God of anger, hiding in the shadows and doing everything to make the cosmic slaves escape into the world of pests.

With the anger I intend to transmit the creative ignition in our mind that frees us from the creation of the cosmos and gives us the strength to reach our goals and to fight the world of pests that surrounds us.

What I mean by “the creation of the cosmos” and “the world of pests” is the earth in its entirety and in its mundane appearance.

The creation of the false god, the Demiurge, where we humans, created as energy generators for the Demiurge, live in a state of perennial slavery. We humans, in consequence of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the “civil” society of the revealed religions, we are excactly this. Slaves.

To adore and support the powers of the Demiurge means to generate power directly in the creation of the Demiurge, or the cosmos.

Therefore, having unconsciously accepted this life in slavery, we automatically become slaves in the cosmos.

The epithet of the true Satanist must always therefore be Non Serviam (I will not serve).

The philosophy of chaos is the fundamental discipline, which discusses the issues and principles of all research and existence or subsistence, with psychoanalytic and chaos-theoretical explanations.

Black magic is a ritualistic work, which directs one’s psychoanalytic ego to establish existence and subsistence in the superhuman principle.

With simpler words, get in direct contact with your inner self, through a personal and spiritual research work aimed at understanding much more than is already done.

A bit like the inner journey that was declaimed in alchemy with the formula “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.” acronym of Visit Interiora Terrae, Rectificando, Invenies Occultum Lapidem; that is to say: Visit the interior of the Earth and, rectifying, you will find the hidden stone. In practice, a sort of initiatory journey into oneself, to get to know and know each other better and understand the chthonic (underground) world.

So, become an elite.

This is necessary because we must first know ourselves, strengthen and strengthen ourselves inwardly before offering ourselves to the dark Gods of Chaos. If you do not do this work before, the risk is to completely disintegrate as people (disruption of the soul) and therefore become crazy, not to distinguish the true from the false, not have the possibility to evolve and remain “only” flesh and blood without having never the understanding or the vision of the chthonic world, remaining therefore trapped in this unique worldly life, fake and over ..

What is the black magic of Chaos? In short it is the act of anti-cosmic will.

What is anti-cosmic satanism? It is the true worship of omnipotent Chaos (Angry Chaos).

Who is Pan and why he is “all in all” (Pan En To Pan) is a bit complex but also explainable in some ways. Pan contrasts the cosmos and his Demiurgic vision, he pushes himself totally against that sick monotheistic vision of the cosmos and mocks it, thanks to its life force, manifesting its dark nature that has always scared cowardly men. This leads man cowardly to rename the ancient god Pan as his most feared antagonist; the manifestation of evil, or Lucifer, the devil, the prince of darkness and all the various “blasphemous” names that man over the years has managed to decline towards Pan.

Pan strives to let win the Chaos, leads his followers into the desert caves, avoiding civilization to satisfy his true will. This often involves the evasion of laws, orders and other cosmic systems that do not reach the dark deserts of his world.

In order to work with the Pan divinity one must work deeply with the uncontrollable and wild forces of the mental state which is usually called “panic” (fundamental research work of Master Alejandro Jodorowsky).

To do this you need to understand your psyche and the state that is called “panic” to be able to have some sort of control over it because it is the primary quality of Pan and it is therefore very important to try to control it in some way not to be crushed in contact with the divinity.

Another interesting variable on the figure of Pan, an anti-cosmic God, a god of Chaos, is that in the Jewish Qabalistic Gematria, the numeric value of Pan is 131. In this way we can easily see that it fits perfectly with the numerical value of Samael and Baphomet which means that they are of the same chaotic current.

In the number 131 we find the chaotic number 13, death but also the eternal return.

All this links Pan to the chaos-gnostic conviction of chaos.

It also connects Pan to the darkness, a link that separates Pan from all cosmic things. Pan is therefore pure energy of the Gods.

A fact is that Pan has always been accepted by human beings except for the few times when the Christian philosophers and other revealed religions tried to stop Pan’s nature by calling him Satan, (which is not too far from the truth if you relate it to Loki of Norse mythology).

The paradox from the Greek ???? (against) and ???? (opinion), is a proposition formulated in apparent contradiction with the common experience or with the elementary principles of logic, but which at the critical examination proves valid, in practice the chaotic harmonization of Satanism.

In this view, therefore, Pan can be a paradoxical tentacle extending from the chaotic anti-cosmic master (or in it); From the pandimensional (multi dimensional) plane, to an unknown portal in the depths of our self or the unconscious spirit that is also called a black flame.

Pan can be visualized as an angry chaotic god who surrounds us to abandon us to gnosis and personal impulse.

Pan can act as a guide with a torch in his left hand in the darkest parts of your inner heart and runs between the Self, the Self and your possible root in Chaos; The pan-dimensional plan beyond the space-time continuum.

To free the Self, if you are ready, you can decide to take his hand and start working on the liberation and subsequent destruction of the illusory state of this worldly life that we live constantly, this illusory Matrix that is around us all; to understand the true, real, chthonic life that is that for which we evolve and reborn for millennia.

Finally an astronomical curiosity. There is a special link between the constellation of Capricorn and the anti-cosmic God Pan. The constellation of the Capricorn had been venerated by the ancient Greeks as the Amalthea goat that it fed with its milk, Zeus. Some ancient texts say that it was Pan that then turned into a goat.

Article by : Andrea “Darkthrone85” Benedetti

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