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Origins: from gods to shells…

Most of the known grimoires including alleged magickal Rabbinical text such as the Zohar, emerged during the Middle Ages. Their origins are not verified. What is verified by anthropologists and historians, is the names and epithets of the old gods.

There is a curious tale in Qabalistic literature, about a first creation. How else to explain the pre-existence of the old gods and who Cain married, during his exile. The integral deities of Mesopotamia and the Middle East, had to be explained. Archetypes do not die, according to the Golden Dawn, they literally sleep and lie in wait for us to wake them by names and rites. So surely the old gods were still powerful in the hearts and minds of men, when Yhwh was first introduced into the Levant.

The problem was a difficult one that the Rabbi’s wrestled with. They were the first to develop the strategy that would later be utilized by the Catholic Church.

The gods simply had to be re-purposed and incorporated into Jewish mythology, just like the later re-purposing of the pagan god/goddess’s by the Catholic Church. Just like later the Voudoun priests preserved their practices and Loa Veneration, under the disguise of the Saints. One of the Aboriginal techniques used to defeat an enemy, is to: “sing his song.” Historically this has been done, even by the Rabbi’s.

The Old Gods became the Qlippothic powers and principalities. They took on the shapes and masks of fallen angels and regents of hell. Literally their true identity is obscured by “masks.”  They have been re-purposed and distorted into cartoonish drawings of Geotic Demons. Their epithets have been to reduced to a menu of services for the benefit of the Sorcerer.

There are two main themes worth noting in the tales of the first creation. The first theme is of power and strength that was uncontainable. I remember reading that the Edomite Kings were from the first creation. This always intrigued me, because it raises the question: how did they survive the breaking of the shells? Supposedly the potency of the first power, burst the vessels of the first Tree of Life and the forces fell into darkness. Whoa, whoa, whoa…  First Tree of Life?  Yeah that is what it said.

It always confused me as to why Da’ath means knowledge and the forbidden Sephirah (forbade by the Rabbi’s) is called Da’ath.  So, what is: forbidden knowledge? By virtue of the first creation, Da’ath, not Kether, would be the root of the Tree of Life. By virtue of the Rabbi’s tales, The Tree of Life emerged from the Qlippothic Tree, and not the other way around.

The second theme worth noting is the “sparks.” Oh here we go…  the Rabbinical tales say that the true creator casts “sparks” into the darkness to redeem the shells. Sounds like a passage straight out of the Hypostasis of Archons. (Nag Hamadi Library) The orthodox Rabbinical idea, is that the sparks manifest in the shells so that the lost forces can be re-united with the source.

Which leads us to: Rahab the Angel of the Deep, in Rabbinical lore. He was the first Rebel Angel, and when God came to divide the waters of the firmament, he said no, and was slain.  Leviathan was a re-manifestation of this “Angel of the Deep” and in Rabbinical Lore the first Adversary.

The Qlippothic Tree is the Forbidden Tree, accessed through Da’ath/ knowledge. It is the Tree of Life.  It is the Coagula of the Alchemists. The Golden Dawn style Tree of Life, is the Solve of the Alchemists, making it, not the tree of life, but the Tree of Death. The Tree of Life is the inversion of the Qlippothic Tree. Now that being said, solve et coagula is a necessary alchemical formula and is also represented on Eliphas Levi’s glyph of Baphomet.

Knowledge is power and the primal power of the old gods is the source of that knowledge and power. The “sparks” are the ones possessing the lost forces, trying to reunite them with the Source. Which explains why the therionic aspect in psychology is considered demonic. Are we possessing matter, or is it possessing us? Certainly matter is intoxicated by the spirit and the spirit is aroused by the sensual. Is that why it gets turned around so easy? Are we trying to liberate the Sparks or Matter? Alchemy teaches us to synthesize the Hyle with the Azoth. The Alchemy process instructs us to vitalize the fixed and fix the volatile: this is the secret of the elixir of life.

This is why it is vital to stay sharp, question everything and think for yourself. What that means, is doing your own research and making up your own mind. It also means, refraining from forming an opinion about something you have never personally explored. Do not rely on people that you respect, to tell you what to think. Only accurate knowledge is able to be applied properly. What happens when you apply incorrect knowledge? At best, it may sort of work; at worst, it can kill you.

What you think you know, is the world turned upside down and inside out? Nothing is, what it seems to be. Open your eyes…

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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