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Original Thought

Slight of hand street magicians in New Orleans and the world over, delight patrons by manipulating the limits of our powers of perception. It is commonly known of as sleight of hand. The method is one of distraction from the subject and redirection.

When this game is played online, I call it sleight of mind. This is the game being played by people who are trolling the books of Michael W. Ford.

I have written many book reviews and some of them were the books of Michael W. Ford. His works are copyrighted so I give brief descriptions and my personal opinion on the book in question and how I found it useful. Still I am brief because any book that I read and review, I want you to see for yourself and form your own opinion.

As an active practitioner of the Magickal Arts, I personally benefit the most from certain kinds of books. Llewellyn’s practicle magick series says that books are taking the place of a personal teacher; now with social networking we have personal access to the authors and we have much more access to teachers and groups, than ever before. I get the most out of books written by any occultist of any kind who has the courage to write about and publish his/her personal experiences and discoveries on his/her subjective magickal path. We are blessed to live in a time when we have access to the books of many different kinds of Adepts and experiences.

Any type of Sorcerer, Magickian or Luciferian is also usually a researcher; the raw data is a treasure house of information to add to your data base. if you do not do your homework yourself you will never benefit from any path. You must know yourself first and this process of self discovery occurs at first, through testing your limits and abilities through applying yourself in an existing magickal or ideological system. Self discovery occurs through the personal quest, whichever path you start on, you will find your self.

You cannot have an original thought until you excavate the authentic self and that is the first step in truly thinking for yourself. If you base your opinions of a book or a person on other peoples opinion then you will never have an original thought.  Trolling is a part of the online environment and is very entertaining. The only true value of trolling, is entertainment. Laughter is good for the soul, but never base your opinion on other peoples opinions.

You are missing out if you take other peoples opinions as facts. Let me give you a relevant example. I was immersed in practical Qabala for over twenty years. (I am 25 every 25 years thanks to Raja Yoga) I have done extensive research into the origins and also was an active practitioner.  When I did the review of Dragon of the Two Flames, I said that Michael W. Ford answered questions that I did not even know I had. I was not exaggerating at all, the raw etymological data in the book simply demonstrates the actual origins of God Forms commonly used by Qabalists. The actual origins are earth shaking.  El the deity name for the sephira ruled by Jupiter was originally a Saturn type of deific mask. I know from Alchemy practices that Saturn and Jupiter are two sides of the same coin. The god-forms mangled and assimilated into the Qabalisthic and Christianized material, does not concern the theorist but obviously may be a problem in applied magick. This is just one example. Dragon of the Two Flames is chock full of
raw data about the origins of Ugaritic and Caananite diefic masks that were assimilated and bastardised by the tribe of Judah. The true origins of the deific masks used by students of the Qabala and by Christians, changes everything. You are missing out if you don’t read a book because of trolls who want to divert your attention so they can perform sleight of mind on you. I mean really, why would true satanists want to suppress this information?

You will never have an original thought if you base your ideas on anything other than your own experience. Which means to me that you cannot have an opinion about something that you have never read or a person that you have never gotten to know. You are missing out if you miss Dragon of the Two Flames by Michael W. Ford. You are missing out on yourself if you do not form your own opinion.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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