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One Star in Sight

Aleister Crowley used the courses of the stars as a metaphor for the True Will.¬† In my experience this is appropriate and an example of the Hermetic Axiom: ‚Äúas above, so below.‚ÄĚ

Gravity is a mysterious force caused by mass. Really the mysterious nature of gravity is evident in the calculation of missing mass in the universe. There is not enough mass to account for the evident gravity.  Gravity is what keeps the stars on their courses. When their courses bring them too close to each other, they destroy each other and may become a new star or a black hole depending on the type of star and the extent of the resulting cataclysm. Gravity devours everything; does this sound familiar. According to Don Jaun Matus, from the Carlos Casteneda stories, the nature of the Universe is predatorial. It is the Ourobus, devouring itself.

Most of the population of individuals will never choose to discover their True Will and out of those who do, many will never follow the course of their True Will. It is both a liberating and cataclysmic experience. It is separation from falling into the gravity of the will of the herd, who follow the latest popular social paradigm. Each star came from mass spewed out in the big bang and follows it’s own course. All the mass that did not become a star, orbits a star or shares a gravity field with a star.

Two stars can share a close course and become a part of a binary or multiple star system. This is common enough that one can say that the course of the True Will has to be a lonely one. For many of us it is required sacrifice. While some of us crave the company of other awakened individuals; when we do the gravity of conflicting courses of true will can prove cataclysmic as one course is not the same as another. In some cases the courses may be alike enough that those awakened to their True Will can work together, forming a binary or multiple group of individuals able to work together without interfering with each others individual True Will.

Time and time again I have witnessed individuals struggle with this scientific situation. Here is where the stark division between L.H.P. and R.H.P. becomes most evident. R.H.P. is returning to the source to be reabsorbed. The left hand path initiates a course to move away from the source while still drawing from the primal source and become more than a Star in the existing universe, but ignite a new Universe and become a god.

These ideas are not new, they are ancient. There is ample evidence that our ancestors at some point held a better understanding of the universe and how it works than we do now. In the Veda’s are stories of air ships and the I ching is clearly a binary code for direct interaction with some lost spiritual technology. In every mythology the gods teach us really basic skills that improve the quality of life: from farming to metallurgy. These are not divine skills, but technological.

What this all comes down to is that the path of least resistance is to follow the gravity of society and do what your told. The path to find your True Will and follow your own course, does not mean you are compatible with every other star in sight. We are like stars, not in some cute fantasy way but in a potent and dangerous way. Another interesting point in the Carlos Casteneda stories, is that when the sorcerer can see, he can only see one energy body at a time; and that God is not sentient in any way, but only a Template. Interesting ideas, I offer you some food for thought.

Until next time.. Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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