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On the Dark side of the TaRoT-return

“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”

Path: Geburah-Tiphareth
Colours: dusty red
State of mind:autism
Alchemical state:albedo
Magickal experience: the others…
Sugested demon: Tzuflifu
Magickal theritory: Cthulhu’s abyss
Lovecraft mythos:Cthulhu
Sigil:¬† –
Sugested planet: Mars

I know it has been a long time since I last updated this project and many of you were eager to read more on this subject but as I said before, each and every article is original and based on my own experience, so I had to make sure what I write here is correct.

Working with the Ancient Ones is not an easy task and for sure is not for everyone, and by that I do not mean the testings that the lesser Gods of the Astral do to the new Mages, but simply if your energy signature doesn’t matches, well it doesn’t matches. There are very few Ancient Gods that could understand and communicate in a way or another to humans, and if they do, that human must be highly evolved-and even so, those informations might be digested by his/her ”brain” for years and years from the initial contact. The reason is simple: we are a form of elementary particle that depend on our environment and the other elementary particles next to us;we are so simple as to compare us to the Ancient Ones would be like comparing a liver cell(for example) to our entire conscientious Planet or better Galaxy. We cannot possible understand what or how the Ancient Ones are, we can only estimate with our limited minds. Again we are talking on a HUGE scale that our body, brain even astral body is incapable to translate and if it does, only a tiny part, it might destroy itself. Remember I said before- one cannot attain Kether and be alive? Well in this case one cannot attain any of the Ancient Ones realms-period. It can hear about them from a third hand, from other entities but never alone.From my experience Nyarlathotep is the only one that can translate himself into human, but again only to a few and through him you could hear and see about other Ancient Ones realms and even with him, after the encounter prepare for a body breakdown for at least a couple of days. Again, humans are not meant to talk or even encounter any of these Titans, is way too much for us.

Now regarding Cthulhu, as you already know me I do not use any sigils but in the case of Ancient Ones I absolutely forbid that. Why? Simply because we, as Magickians tend to tap into one tiny side of the entity anyway and by using a sigil, this would direct us all to the same part and not necessarily a correct one. Now connecting those tiny parts and talking to each other,of course, we might get a bigger picture and a better understanding. Cthulhu seems to be better connected during sleep or the states between sleep and awakening;if you manage to make a good connection with the Dagon creatures and they ”like” you, then they might show you where the Mighty Cthulhu sleeps and the Lost City of R’lyeh. From my experience, the Dagon creatures act as guardians of this city and if they do not like you then…you are on your own. Again from my own experience Cthulhu is not what it seems but rather a vortex to other dimensions and as I’ve been told Cthulhu ”is the key”.What kind of key, I couldn’t understand yet but it seems that this Universe with all it’s realms seems to act as a trap¬† for all the energies here and Cthulhu…might be the key.

I did also some research on the Desert and it’s lost temples and what I could find is that some Egyptian temples might have some knowledge on this, especially Memphis temples…” P’tah R’lyeh…”(if this is of any help!)

If you are doing any research into the Great Desert on the ancient Egyptian temples and you’ve found anything related to this issue or any Ancient Ones issue please let me know via contacts, thanks.

Article by Kirke

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