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Occultists Merging Science with Practical Magick

While it is well understood in theory very few practitioners apply this idea to their actual workings. As occultists we like to say that magick is a science not yet understood. Furthermore we wonder why orthodox science does not yet understand what we know from practice. One of the working groups that utilizes scientific equipment in conjunction with ritual workings is the Church of Ahriman. They are on the cutting edge of uniting scientific equipment and theories with magickal regalia and theories. I have been involved out in the magickal community for a few decades and this is the first I have come across. Oh, I read about fog machines and Tesla coils in the Nocturnicon of Konstantinos, but this is my first time coming across it in the field.

Pomahazael Draconis has recorded orb phenomena and EVP during his rites. He is one of many independent researchers out there attempting to record the unexplainable affects that often come with ritual. I think that we need to mix recording devices with ritualistic energy-enhancing technologies. Where a spirit used to manifest in Dittany of Crete, imagine how spectacular it is with a fog machine and an ionizer. What would be really awesome is if these researchers start publishing their results.

There are sometimes unpredictable results that come about when mixing technology and magick. In the nineties I tried to take photographs of phenomena and my battery would drain. Both on the Polaroid and the Video Camera batteries would drain every time.  There are hotspots all over the world, but what we are talking about is using technology to enhance the energy used in ritual and sometimes recording the phenomena that manifests. Now what people often forget and what you have to remember is that this is real.  What it is, no one really knows, only that it is and that it works.  Even scientific theories have only explained how the universe behaves and not what it is.

There are many different schools of thought about mixing magick and technology. Some people treat magick as a science, some as a set of superstitions and some as a religion.  There are many who believe all kinds of superstitions about mixing magick and technology. Some think that the spirits will not come or that results will not manifest.  Why not? A car ignition turns over when you turn the key and apply the gas. Magick is a science and it is time to come out of the shadows. When your magick does not work it is because a scientific element was overlooked and you just missed your mark. When your magick works it is because through trial and error just like any other scientist, you learned what works. My point is, when we use incense to set the mood or manifest a spirit, we are already utilizing technology to enhance the energy of your ritual. So why not see what new technology has to offer your ritual practice?

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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