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Obscure Occult Symbolism in Revelations

I say obscure occult and it sounds like an oxymoron. But there are levels of understanding. For instance, today the end of the world is the most popular subject ever.  It appeals to the instinct for survival which has given rise to the “prepper” culture in America. Christians world wide who want to believe a lie that has outlived it’s prophecies that have not come true; have turned to the Mayan Prophecies for validation of a coming apocalypse. There is documentary after documentary about the symbolism in Revelations and the Bible, but they do not see what it is that they are looking at.  They have a basic understanding of the key to the map. The key to the map outlined in Revelations is not a basic understanding of Qabalistic Symbols in an atmosphere of comparative religion, but a specialized understanding of the Qabala itself. The specialized understanding of a practitioner and not a theorist.

The other reason that I use the word obscure is because I would like to focus on the most pivotal event and yet most overlooked set of symbols in the entire book of Revelations. As a matter of fact even if you are a Bible thumper and read the book every day, reading this article will be the first that you have heard of it. Is that not strange? Think about it. The most pivotal event is when they can find no one to open the Seals. Seriously? Without the opening of the seals, you have no book. None! So who do we find; at first glance a lamb. With our own minds we actually edit out all the uncomfortable details. Seven horns and seven eyes and that is not even the weirdest part: as it was slain. Sounds more Clive Barkeresque than Holy Bible.

Now let us look at the functional not theoretical aspects of the number seven. The seven directions used specifically by Qabalist and the Merkabah Riders, to construct the magickal sphere/ chariot, are above, below, four quarters and within. Then of course the ever popular Seven Chakras. Now I focus on functional correspondences because many people in the LHP movement are focused on practicality and the infinitude of correspondences can render a working useless. Depending on the taste of the sorcerer, more may enrich a working or deplete it as in taking away from the focus of the rite.

In the ancient Qabalistic System horns meant power. So here we have poser in the seven directions and seven chakra’s. Eyes represented awareness and knowledge.  Here we have awareness and knowledge in the seven directions and seven chakras.

“As he was slain” is a tantalizing phrase: and a lamb. Lambs were used for sacrifice and the earliest shamanic and magickal initiations were mock death rituals. Which is why the story of a dead and risen god was not anything new, to our ancient ancestors. Was it literal or symbolic, either way, death is a symbol for initiation according to the Ancient Qabalist and Merkabah Riders. Why would the initiation of a single individual Sorcerer open the Seven Seals in the Cosmos? Hermetic Axioms is the answer: As Above, So Below; which means what happens in the microcosm affects the macrocosm. It works both ways.

It is well known among main stream Bible scholars that Revelations was a late addition written in the Sixth Century and is not included in all versions of the Holy Bible for it’s controversial content. Which for a book as depraved as the Holy Bible that is really saying that it is dangerous to the actual agenda of the book.

What is Revelations really about? It is so simple. A Sorcerer with power and knowledge in the seven worlds upon his initiation is the only one found able to open the seven external seals and start the apocalypse. Real initiation is a personal apocalypse. I do not know whether it is referring to an individual initiate or the process of any initiate; or both. What I do know is that John is warning the Seven Churches what will happen if they do not cease their hypocrisy and perpetuation of misinformation. A warning because the reason the events unfold as they do is a direct response to the glaring hypocrisy and misuse of power of the Churches. The lamb does not save anyone but initiates a process (the apocalypse) where the weak are weeded out and the strong become.

The map outlined in revelations is an outline of initiation and a prophecy about how one initiate will change the world. Is it your initiation that is so important or is it every initiate?  Change yourself and the world will change. Real initiation is a personal apocalypse.  Like many other books of the Bible, Revelations plagerizes myths from other cultures.  This Initiate is associated with Venus as the Morning and Evening Star. There are heavy Babylonian influences found in Revelations.

It is ironic that a book so analyzed has hidden this one fact out in the open. That it is about an initiate and or a wave of initiates that changes the world forever.

Whatever that book is about, your initiation is the most important one in your world.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article By Firestorm Coraxo

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