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I will present today an experiment that I am conducting at the moment which you are free to experiment too and send the results on the darkthrone85 email. I know that many have problems obtaining a valid out of body experience (o.b.e) and astral travel in the other worlds due to many factors from health to lack of focus,will and believe it or not diet. Many have tried all sort of methods from F.Bardon’s techniques to the rope technique and from using mushrooms, plants¬† to drugs. The method that I am experimenting at the moment is very easy and very hard in the same time and if you have a bit of a will and you are determined to stuck to the program and some rules then you might succeed. Basically I come from the conclusion that if the body is very tired and the astral body is awake and able to detach then you might obtain an o.b.e. As you will see it is not hard to awake the astral body but to drive the material into a state of complete fatigue. I do not recommend this experiment to those that have a bad health or any health situation and¬† if you see any worrying signs regarding your health I would tell you to contact a doctor. If you have some health problems regarding the diet then you shouldn’t start the experiment also. This experiment is not for children or those under age. Clearing all of these aspects I will show you what this is all about.

First you want your astral body not to be grounded, to detach easily and not to be bonded to the material other than their cord. For that I recommend a complete vegan diet for¬† during the 2 weeks experiment. Meat and animal products will only ground you and make you dull (this is one of the reasons why some practitioners eat meat when they feel they are under a magick attack). So-no meat of any type, no living creatures (yes including insects for those who might eat them), no eggs, no milk and no honey. Everything you eat must be as fresh as possible, organic(GMOs and chemicals also might affect the results) and if you can eat everything raw. Drink pure water with no contaminations or fruit juices that YOU make. No coffee,no tea! I know it sounds radical but you will see some improvements on your vision from the first days, you will also be able to tap easier. Now in order to make your material body tired you should work out every day(not before bed though) between 30mins-1 hr and keep yourself very busy. Again no coffee! No napping at noon for those that like the ”siesta”.

The second part of the experiment is the sleep deprivation hours. Go to sleep normally and set the alarm at 02.00 am -03.00 am then turn the TV on. For those that might fall asleep with the TV or usually sleep with the TV on, I recommend any other annoying noises,sounds etc. If you have a noisy place where you can go then go there. The point is that the body that just woke up and is already tired from the diet and the busy day wants the sleep but it can’t from the noises. This process should trigger an astral projection since the astral is awake enough for it. You should just see yourself literally going out of your body but at first think that is YOU in the material body doing this. You might also want SO BAD to turn off the TV or the noises but your body can’t do it for you so the astral body is triggered and you might see yourself trying to turn off the tv but not in the material body. All I can say is you should be sleepy but in the same time conscientious about the fact that you want an astral projection. Remember, your body can’t move because is exhausted but your astral body can and is AWAKE. You might have good results in the first days¬† or later. Anyway I would recommend to keep doing the experiment for about 2 weeks because and do not stop it even if you don’t have results. But if the results cease to appear in 2 weeks then do not remember your astral projections or didn’t have any.

Keep up the good work and let me know of the results.

Article by Kirke

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