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Natural Philosophy & Traditional Satanism

Essential starting point for philosophy is to ask and respond to questions about the origins and meaning of life – or, more precisely, our causal lives as human beings on this planet causal universe that we call Earth. Traditional satanism does not believe that our casual life as human beings were created itself by a Supreme Being, the Supreme Being is commonly referred to God.
According to Traditional Satanism, life evolved naturally on this planet, from the beginning of the times.

The traditional satanism perspective could be extremely synthesized in a journey about our origins in the universe causal reasoning – or rather, what was called Natural Philosophy: through observation, experiment and use reason or logic, we can understand our world and ourselves in one important respect, a rationalist way of living.

Causal Universe (or Causal Reality) exists independently of us and our consciousness, and thus independent of our senses.
Our limited understanding of this “external world” depends of our senses – through what that we see, hear or touch – from what we can see or know through our senses.
Logical argument – reason – and experimentation are the best means to knowledge and understanding of and about this “external world”
A causal universe is itself a rational order subject to rational laws.

We can practically say that the Natural Philosophy enables us to understand the universe external physical cause.

The philosophy of Traditional Satanism accepts that the purpose of our mortal lives has two aspects. First, to change, to grow, to make us evolve and explore and enjoy the possibilities that life offers causal – for our mortal life, the cause is an opportunity finite, limited.
Secondly, if we develop, if we understand each our inner self truly, from the inside, and we evolve – and especially if we develop our mental faculties – there is a possibility that we live beyond our mortal life.

One thing is sure, if you, reader, want to start this journey to the “sitra ahra” – the other side, beyond the veil, you must be prepared to know yourself perfectly. That is basically the only way for transcend this mundane life and evolve spiritually is to know yourself.

Article by Darkthrone85

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