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My Satanic Saturday

It was your average Saturday. Did some laundry. Went to the park. Hosted a satanic ritual. I had to run the laundry through the dryer twice, but nothing shrunk, thank the powers that be. It was a little too sunny at the park, but there were plenty of lovely creatures, and the wind smelled of roses or wine or blood. Oh, yes, and then there was the ritual.

A while back a friend of mine by the name of Marcus, who also happens to be the Dark Minister of the local Church of Ahriman, invited me to a meet-up, and of course I readily agreed to come. Now, if you know me, you know that I tend towards solitary work; however, I do love to work with people, too. Though I’d been a busy bee occult-wise, I hadn’t really been associated with the local Church of Ahriman in the flesh, and I was excited at the opportunity to work with a new group.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly as planned in the preparation; the usual hostess had fallen ill, and so the group needed somewhere else to hold the ritual. Then I thought “Hey, they need a ritual area, I have a temple, was there ever a better match made in Hell?” So suddenly, not only was I attending my first ritual with these people, I was also hosting it.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, it being my first meeting with this particular group and all, and me keeping in mind that every group is different. I did my research and found their verifications to my liking at the very least (they are indeed a certified, tax exempt church and have been around for awhile.) That didn’t tell me anything about their ideology or their customs, but it was a start. And anyway, I was assured I would at least get along with them from my conversations with Marcus, so I washed my favorite pants, centered myself in the great outdoors and prepared the temple room.

My first impression of the group was “These are my kind of people.” I knew I’d get along with them great from the moment I met them, and in fact it was as if I’d known them for a long time. And then we really got to talking, and I was amazed. They understand so much of what I talked about that other people either brushed off or simply couldn’t grasp (for instance, Taoist Alchemy and the Tan Tien.) I was immensely pleased even then. I was even going to interview the founder, but everyone was running a tad late and there wasn’t enough time (but have no fear! We rescheduled the interview for the last week of January.)

And then we got down to business. Now, it was only to be a sample rite for those of us new to working with the group, but it was still worth mentioning. The ritual was surprisingly enough reminiscent of shamanic workings in that it wasn’t so much ceremonial as it was simple, efficient and sensible. That’s part of the reason I usually prefer solitary work (apart from the fact that I simply work better without limitations)—groups usually focus a little too much on creating nuances and atmosphere and not enough on the working itself. But not this group. And if the way they went about it wasn’t enough—well, what can I say about this next part? How can I get it across? I don’t know. The only thing I can think to say that will express what I mean is that they “got mojo.” I felt the forces come when they called, and it was like this surge of energy rose up through the floor and spread through my body. I felt it travel up my sushumna, rising at each major chakra and reaching its zenith at my crown chakra, where it was refracted like a prism refracts light and it enveloped me in pure yet untamed electric energy that even when it settled seemed to always be in motion. Now, I have felt some things in my time, but this was a unique, invigorating and inspiring experience. And that was just a sample of what this group does.

Now, I will admit that there was some chaotic hilarity that ensued throughout the night, and if I won’t be winning any “Spectacular Hostess” awards, I’ll surely be nominated for “Entertaining Hostess”. But I think I did pretty well considering it was such short notice, and the group and I really hit it off, besides the ritual going off without a hitch. Though I regrettably doubt I’ll be hosting a ritual again any time soon, I’m anticipating the next time we meet, and I’m nearly jumping with eagerness at the chance to interview their founder. and they have a Delphi Forum by invite only.  Ask them about it on the webs site.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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