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My Miraculous World

All perception is subjective and objective understanding is merely based on agreements upon certain points of interest. That is why I cannot write about the world of miracles outside of my own experience. You have to keep in mind that the mind itself interprets sensory data and constructs the idea of what you are perceiving. The mind is the most powerful magickal tool you posses. The drawback is that it is very literal and filters information according to prior encounters. It is very much like Pavlov’s dog; it reacts according to previous programming. The ephemeral and elusive imagination is both the key to every day problem solving and the key to miracles.

It always amazes me when people skip over the visualization exercises of any system of magick, or say they cannot do it. Very simply, we daydream and imagine, every day. We daydream about our expectations of life or about our wishes. In our society ‚ÄúThe Secret,‚ÄĚ and many other new age techniques have become fashionable. The essential barrier that students run into, is marked demarcation between focused manifesting and random thought patterns. This is where certain Luciferian techniques and the Adversarial Path offer a more disciplined and balanced approach. I am not saying that one approach is better than the other, I am saying the ordinary affirmation crowd only has half of the equation and the Adversary has the other half.

A trigger between states of mind is not enough, if your deep seated psychology has not been dealt with.  In Libre Kaos, it says that a god ignored is a demon born. This is not a slight on the demonic but a metaphor for complexes in the subconscious that are awakened in the case of individuals seeking self-awareness, whether or not they are right or left hand path. What is important is what you want to manifest in your life and more directly what you want to become.

There are many individuals who think they are above everyone because they are awake. The essential conundrum at that point is always, if you are thinking about someone else’s development your energy is not being spent on your own. There are two keys that work together hand in hand, thought and energy. How you think about things determines what you can or cannot do. Energy follows the path of thought and is fueled by emotion.

Emotion of course is the trickiest factor of all. Emotion has to be both open to receive information and trained to follow the Will of the Individual. Any magickal practitioner’s must master their emotions and not be a slave to them; otherwise his/ her manifestations will be random and out of control. The emotional faculty is a gateway to receiving information from the Daemon and to performing the miraculous. It is a well of power and energy that when properly understood and utilized is a deep connection to the primal source and a seemingly inexhaustible source.

The magickal tool of any practitioner is the anatomy of his Field of Power. Physiology, psychology and emotional factors are the most basic and powerful tools of the practicing magickian.  Essentially we must conserve energy to be directed by our thoughts, fueled by our emotions, to manifest our desires. This is not a new paradigm but modern Psychonaughts and Practitioners have made advances in techniques that need to pointed out. These advances have been covered up by the malaise of the lazy minded unwashed masses polluting the internet with their inane twaddle.

We have here two halves of the equation: think and so you are, with a 24 hour all situations investment of belief which wastes energy not just investing in what you want but also investing in consensus reality as well; the other half is a Luciferian technique where you invest all your energy and belief in the circle and that is all. Very neat and Hermetic; only invest in manifesting your desire; then deal with the consensus reality as it appears to be. Will, belief and desire is a neatly packaged advancement that seems to follow all the requirements of conserving energy, emotional discipline investing only in the place of magick and the direction of will and energy through specific desired thought patterns. It is very interesting. Of course on the other hand how you think every day affects the choices you make. Having both sides of the equation allows my every day mind to be clear and present in the moment while also being 100% clear and present in my meditation practices and magickal rites.

What you have to understand is that I have experienced a miraculous journey. Suffice it to say that I have had health issues that have been miraculously healed. Raja Yoga which is the yoga of the mind and other magickal techniques, has restored my health. Twenty years before those issues arose I was already studying Yoga and Witchcraft. I have enjoyed many opportunities to work with awesome teachers and students. As a child my mother was a nexus of multiple witness, paranormal events.  Up until her death in 2004 she was still a hub of paranormal activity. All of my life, in my subjective and shared experiences, I have witnessed and experienced what can only be properly described as a miraculous world. So when people tell me about certain things and I am not awed or surprised, they often misunderstand my responses. The miraculous world is where I live.

I am always a student and always working on my personal alchemy and becoming. To truly pursue this, I had to find both halves of the equation, so that I could learn to direct and control my own miracles. It is not enough to live in the miraculous world, one naturally desires to wield that power.  The Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot is often called the card of miracles, the Hebrew letter Kaph which corresponds with Jupiter and the palm of the hand, indicates that the miraculous is in our own hands and that the potential is limitless. The wheel also indicates the specific internal archetypes that have to be worked with to manifest desire. One of those on the wheel is the Adversary, you have to find your own way to deal with that one, but when you discover what that really means to you, it will set you free to create what you want.

The fact is that everyone is investing their thoughts, energy and emotions; everyday, either unconsciously or deliberately. I choose to deliberately invest mine and when I do, miracles happen.  I am always learning new things and keeping up with magickal and scientific advancements, because my aim is self-discovery. My progress has benefited immensely from my practice and study. Remember to invest your energies wisely and pay attention to your personal archetypal anatomy. If you want to it is now time, to discover your own miraculous world.

Until next time…   Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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