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My End of the World Article

Revelations speaks of the ripe souls in the wine press and the Angels drinking of the ripe souls. A feast is on the horizon, only not the one that you have read about in the Bible.

Now if you have been following along, then you know the basics of thought form technology. I have outlined it in previous articles.
The true value of any myth or grimoire : lies in its ability to illustrate methods of thought-form technology and how yo are already plugged into the creation, nurturing and protection of certain ideas/thought-forms. Furthermore each individual generates mental and emotional energy every day which affects the astral and physical world. What you think really does matter. As certain currents of energy are fed by individuals they become stronger.   Neglected thought-forms wither and die but not before going through death throes in a bid for survival. Thought-forms cannot be killed.  Any vilification or opposition feeds them as much as veneration and worship. They must be forgotten and even then still lay in wait for a proper correspondence to flesh it out again and walk amongst men.

In the case of Ted Serios, he was recorded by scientists to have actually created a photograph with his mind. If you know anything about old fashion film then you know that he would have literally had to generate light with nothing but his thoughts. Light, which is quantifiable energy and not fantasy. Donald Michael Kraig has a chart in the book Modern Magick, showing the exponential growth in energy generated by multiple people using Magick.  So what happens when 7 billion people share a single idea?

Now let us do the math, a word problem. So if half of all the people in the world believe that Yule (a pagan holiday) in 2012, is the end of the world; then that would be 3.5 billion individuals who would be generating an end of the world thought-form. Now an end of the world thought-form would be composed of specific types of energies, fear-based energies. Now let us say half of those people were members of a fear-based religion. That 1.75 billion people would be Christians, generating specific energies to stabilize their thought-form in the astral which by the way, leads to manifestation. Any thought form stabilized in the Astral must manifest, hence the original idea behind creating a world church: Catholicism. If you can control the astral then you control the world. The only way to do that is to control what people think.

So, yes, on Yule of this year a bunch of individuals are going to be intensely generating a mega-ton of fear-based energies to be feasted on by the Angels and that hungriest of ghosts: God. Why is God so hungry; because we made him and then we stopped feeding him.

‚ÄúWhich god?‚ÄĚ is my favorite question, and inside joke. Many different paths say that the kingdom is within you; what most forget to mention is that you are the King of that kingdom. Nirvana, Shambala; whatever you want to call it; there is no kingdom without a king. There is only one god and it is You.
There is a feast of power for the Awakened on this Yule. Are we going to let them feed an oppressive outdated thought-form or are we going to devour it? A little alchemy for flavor and voila!, a tasty dish that no Sorcerer can resist. End of the world my arse; come to the dark side, we have cookies.
The world is changing, but it is not over yet.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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