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Multi-media, missing-information

Good morning and welcome to the age of information. No need for expensive sets of Encyclopedia’s or those nasty old Webster Dictionaries: just “Google It.” In that quick answer, for every bit of missing information from our own brains/ data-base: “Google” is the noun and “it” is a general pronoun. A verb is an action word, so what are you really doing.

The age of information and the internet has given rise to all kinds of new data paradoxes. Once upon a time, to contribute to an encyclopedia you had to have certain qualifications and there were editors and other quality control individuals involved in the production process that ensured the quality of the information. Now anyone can contribute, what is even worse is an internet link to another web site is all that is required for a bibliography. Essentially burying the facts under a seemingly infinite sea of popular opinion and what is trending now. Consensus reality is really finding its home on the internet.

Consensus reality is fashionable and popular opinion about what is real. Statements like: “our government would never do that” and “that would never happen,” are examples of consensus opinions. Consensus opinion is what some people use to replace individual opinion and the trouble of having to think for themselves. Media has always told people what to think and who they are. Those of us who grew up seeing through the cracks in consensus reality, broke away, to see for ourselves. Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears, perceive directly what is really going on; within and without. One of the more personal and pressing reasons that individuals wake up, is because of trauma. Because child abusers and every other cowardly drudge who exploits others, hides ever so neatly in the folds of consensus reality. I call them monsters who hide in the light; as in the light of daily activity and within social norms: manipulating the system to indulge their crimes and protect their social status. (i.e. Catholic Priests sexually abusing young boys). Consensus reality is for cowards and sheep.

The fact of the matter is and always has been: statistically the individuals choosing consensus reality, outnumber the individuals striving for self-awareness and self-excellence. This is never more instantly self evident and validated for individuals who are paying attention: than by the internet, itself.

What is awesome is that the age of information allows those with the power of discernment: unlimited multi-media access of information, than ever before. You have to verify and sort, but it is a feast out there on the net. Damn the dross of the masses and full speed ahead into harvesting the treasure of golden data. There are still some pretty nutty pitfalls. Like the “instant Magus” or “Guru,” who thinks studying a few years online makes he/ she an instant Magus. Anyone can claim to be anything online.

There is still a “king of the hell” mentality rampant online, where people are claiming to not have been inspired by books, and name calling anyone who actually reads books, as: “arm chair magicians.” They read blogs and have facebook profiles claiming dominion in Hell and other infernal boasts. This is mildly amusing and would be harmless except these instant magus’s with unquestionable gnosis to cover the holes in their ideas, have novices tricked into thinking that they are Magus’s. Furthermore the anti-reading mentality and listen to my unquestionable gnosis is an old trick of the Catholic Church. Keep the people ignorant and be the only source of knowledge, is an appalling example of history repeating itself.

Enter the real deal, there are many writers online who have actual Magickal Experience and have done exhaustive research and pushed the envelope of what is possible. They have been kind enough to write about their experiences. These writers also supplement their books with lectures and information provided through various media, such as youtube and podbean. One such writer actually has a website where he personally teaches students. Many new students and instant Magus’s, have made the mistake of thinking that they can learn everything that they need to know, from these authors, via the internet. This is not entirely true or false. In the hands of a dedicated and disciplined student, the smallest bit of information can yield amazing results.
The value of reading the books is in getting the whole picture. Let me use popular books and movies as an example. Anytime a popular book is made into a movie, it is well known that much of the information from the book is lost completely, as they would have to make the movie, six to eight hours, to illustrate even the most basic ideas. So any information left out of any youtube videos or podbeans, is unintentional. Again the youtube videos are intended to supplement the books and answer student questions.

Now let me use some examples of Experiences and Intelligent Magickal Authors who have shared with us.  When The video  is straight out of  this and it is an awesome video. What is missing from the video and what he only has time to hint at when he is wrapping up the video, is what this really means for you. One of the problems with his books is that they have always been published in a limited number. But he wants you to know so he started the website I found the real value of reading Baneful Magick was the hard won wisdom that he includes in all of his books. He shares secret techniques not taught outside of secret orders and reveals misunderstandings of metaphysics that he has discovered. All of his books and videos and courses provided on his website are practical and results oriented. Results does not just refer to the success of a spell, but the Alchemy of Self Transformation of an individual, into a Living God.

One of my favorite things about Michael W. Ford is his extensive research and bibliographies. I have been a Sethian in secret since before the internet was popular. Back then Netzero was free and there was little or no information online. Sethius is an Egyptian word that means secret, and I kept it secret. So you can imagine how excited that I am to hear about this. He always announces his new books and my excitement is from personal experience. I remember when this came out and he also had the supplemental video Dragon of the Two Flames will always be special for me. It was released when I was going through some insurmountable obstacles. History and archeology are two of my passions. I learned about the Canaanite and Ugarit roots of the Old Gods in a way that I could apply to my own life experience. This book unlocked forces in me that literally removed that insurmountable obstacle.  Oh it was a fight but I won. Applying the information found in Dragon of the Two Flames, unleashed a force in me and made me realize many things about myself and my life. If I only watched his videos and listened to his podbeans I would have only gotten a bit of the information that I needed to overcome an insurmountable obstacle and perform a miracle in my own life.

I have four points here:

1. Do not rely on second hand opinions. Just because everyone in your facebook group agrees something is true, does not make it so. Think for yourself.

2. Test for yourself and form your own opinion. Just because Google says it, does not make it so.

3. If you find value in an Authors videos and podbeans, read their book for the full context and depth of the information offered. Or in the case where the books are rare and hard to find, sign up for the online courses.

4. Apply offline, what you learn, it is the true test of any data.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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