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Michael W. Ford – Necrominon – Egyptian Sethanic Magick (2013, Succubus)

The genius of Charles Pace and Michael W. Ford in the same book is astounding whatever the subject matter. Egyptology has long been a passion of mine. Egypt holds a strange credibility that has survived the ages of time. To the point that Michael Aquino invokes the Egyptian Adversary as The Prince of Darkness to add credibility to his break from LaVeyan Satanism, and goes on to establish the Temple of Set. Even Plato’s Atlantean utopia draws it’s ethos from Egypt. Alchemy in Arabic, literally translated means pertaining to Khem.

The impeccable research and remarkable connections of Michael have brought together what could be called an Addendum to the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Necrominon is the book that I was looking for the day that I picked up the Budge version of Egyptian Magic. Furthermore the contents and context are not one way or the other, the focal point of every chapter and verse is about finding and affirming balance. This is a groundbreaking book on several points. The first point being, the public publication of the hand written Grimoire of Charles Pace. The second is the length and breadth of Egyptian archetypes and methods that Michael encompasses.  Including the rarely mentioned, Set-Horus archetype, the previous coverage of which, had been cursory, at best.

In this book you will find a hieroglyphic alphabet, hieroglyphs for every deity and epithet. As well as, a complete: Luciferian Witchcraft initiatory system as outlined by Charles Pace.

You will also find Michaels own innovations gleaned from his study and experience with the Egyptian pantheon. Luciferian Ideology is not the central feature of this book, although it is mentioned where appropriate. He clearly illustrates the roots of Luciferian Ideology in Egypt.   He elucidates the roots of Baphomet in Egypt and many other interesting facts and practical methods. The scope of this book is vast, covering the Egyptian anatomy of the soul and rites of ascension. The writing style is more refined as he is evolving as a writer. He has condensed massive amounts of data in a few pages. He is clear and consistent in his presentation. But what will surprise his readers and fans the most, is that it is not written exclusively for the left hand path practitioner. Whatever his intent the final result is a book not only useful but essential to anyone from any path, who has an interest in any facet of Egyptology.

I think the mark of a true adept and the true seeker, is that they in fact, change over time. This is witnessed as a refinement of skills and ideas. I have witnessed this in Michaels’ books. I have read every book published on Egyptian Magick and this is to date, the best one that I have ever read. Thank you: Michael W. Ford.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Book Review by Firestorm Coraxo

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