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Michael W. Ford – Maskim Hul, Babylonian Magick (Succubus Publishing, 2010)

This book was released in conjunction with an astronomical event. I remember looking at that eclipse and trying not to be superstitious. It looked like a carnelian lodged in the sky.  269 miles south of me, a sorcerer was performing the ritual of the eclipse and the devouring of the moon. I had not really heard of this sorcerer. I had read The Vampire Gate by him, but did not even remember his name; only his Luciferian rant in a vampire book that was unlike any that I had ever read. Now, let me back up for a moment here; many years ago, I studied chaos magick, Setianism and the Necronomicon, so I was familiar with LHP, but not with this current of Luciferian Ideology and TOPH.  I also had a personal encounter with the Maskim in 1995 and tried to research them, but alas, there was very little material on them in circulation at the time. So when I saw the title of this book, I had to have it.  I had to read it.

I can say without a doubt this book has initiated unprecedented changes in my life. The Seven Evil Gods are back and this book it is not a read for those who are not ready. It is not ‚Äútrendy‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúcool‚ÄĚ. It is dangerous, enchanting and empowering. I know one seasoned vampiric sorcerer who says the forces unleashed by working with this living grimiore were too much for him to regulate in his daily life. Indeed, they brought dramatic changes in my own life and accelerated my development. ‚ÄúDamned be the dogs of reason and their ilk,‚ÄĚ said Aliester Crowley.¬† I think it is essential to read this book simply because it is a living magical grimiore and in the Necromantic Tradition Mr. Ford has indeed raised the Old Dead Gods.

That being said, it is not at all about doom and gloom. It is indeed about empowering the will of the individual and not about worship of the Old Gods. But it is indeed a manual on how to work with them in a beneficial and goal-oriented way. For instance, Michael has us work with Marduk as well, the enemy of the old gods. He is eliminating the old prejudices of good and evil and presenting a system restored and revitalized for use by the modern Luciferian. He stresses the necessity of light and dark and its balance. He also stresses the necessity of goal-oriented practical magick. The thing that makes this grimoire different is that is combines impeccable research with a writing style that lays out the information in a direct and accessible way. I think it is this feature that really makes it both priceless and dangerous, because he takes the secrets hinted at in other grimoires and fleshes them out and gives you a handle on them. This is a complete grimoire with which you can produce results–whether you like them or not.¬† Be warned, and enjoy.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Review by Firestorm Coraxo

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