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Michael W. Ford РLiber HVHI РMagick of the Adversary (2011, © Succubus Publishing)

In this book the author has attempted to present a system of Luciferian Magick not bound to any one culture. He has written many books and continues to come out with more. If this is not already in your library then you are really missing out on a gem. The format is recognizable and consistent, yet the approach is innovative and complex.

The range of subject material is broad but detailed. Not only is it an encyclopedia of Ahrimanic Magick and Spirits, it is also very detailed in description of the klippoth and how to travel astrally and obtain power. Of course it covers Babylonian Magick as well, and in great detail. This is one of my favorite source books.

I first read this last summer and now that I am re-reading it, I am a different person in many ways and am seeing connections that I did not see before. I recently did a book review on Between the Earth and the Moon by Jay Alfred, (

I think for the Left Hand Path practitioner to fully appreciate the Jay Alfred material you have to read Michael W. Ford’s books that describe the dark sun and the hells. In relation to dark plasma theory Mr. Ford not only describes the qualities of the hells but their relative locations.

Furthermore it is in this forbidden tome that there is an unapologetic call to the Luciferian spirit to rise up in the world and re-make it according to your desires. It also declares war on the control systems that poison the mind and spirit from childhood to death. A call to end the oppression of Christianity on the mind and spirit. Liber HVHI is the untamed expression of the Luciferian Spirit igniting the black flame within. Despite the fact that Mr. Ford does not encourage outright law-breaking, it is not at all a politically correct tome. This is an invaluable book that serves as inspiration, encyclopedia and practical grimoire.
Oh, and it is under 20 bucks.  You cannot beat that, knowledge and power on a budget.  You gotta love it.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Book Review by Firestorm Coraxo

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