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Marriage and the Occult

By this article I do not intend to give any advices,in fact I never intend to teach someone or pretend superior(except the cases when I am de facto superior) concerning occult matters. I’ve noticed for some time a wave of interest into occult relationships or/and marriages- and here am talking strictly on the Occult world, no matter what path or view. It seems that the majority that are willing to have a relationship and get married want someone from their own path or at least into the Occult-more titles and orders involved the better. Now it is normal that all of us(or the majority) want to settle down, have a family and grow inside a relationship with a partner, into a real alchemical wedding. What I , personally, do not like is the huge amount of snobism that lures inside the Occult scene and also the huge amount of stupidity. The Occult, in general, and Satanism in particular, have transformed exactly the same way as punk rock did. In the 70’s only an elite was into it and then it changed into a cliche, into something that any redneck can have. Nowadays we see the inverted pentagram allover- on the skirts of some Madonna fans, on the streets sold by some gypsies as souvenirs, painted on buildings and so on. Nowadays everyone knows everything regarding anything and this amuses me all the times. I walk in pubs and see teenagers talking about Necronomicon just like my father would talk about a football game, same I go to work and my coworkers tell me that they’ve used the Ouja board…on the one hand is fascinating but on the other it’s just hilarious. Imagine all of these people thinking of themselves being into the Occult, being Priests/esses or even more funny…talking to ”Father Satan”. Probably you ask yourself now: ‚ÄúSo what? We live in the internet millenium!‚ÄĚ. It is true, that, what I can read now, and find now, I wouldn’t be able to find back in the 80’s or even 90’s (this also doesn’t means that you couldn’t find occult information back then though) but my point is on quality not quantity. We do have a ”hell’s army” down here that would embarrass the Red Army (and to be honest would embarrass even Satan) but is only for a good laugh. Again there is a lot of trash information, copy/pasted and¬† modified according to the ”path” information and very little genuine and exquisite documents. It seems to me that we live in an era where the publicity sells better than the product, and, going back to our main subject, it is very hard to find an exquisite person for a relationship, considering the facts. If you want someone for a night or just for the fun then there is plenty of material-especially if you post on your FB some High Priest titles- really the world hasn’t changed- we are still lured by the blings and nice mirrors on the wall. On the other hand if you really would like to evolve with someone, to share experiences then is going to be harder, and to be honest I wouldn’t stop on the Occult scene either (that’s my opinion though). There is also the problem of children-I’ve seen and heared of many ”Initiates” that shove their ideas and dogma down the throat of their children and even forbid them to study Christianity. Now that comes in contradiction to many of my beliefs and my opinion is that both you and your husband/wife should encourage your siblings to study and much as they can about anything that they like, and if they are interested in some religions, then so be it. Also it is my opinion that children shouldn’t be involved into the Occult until they come to a suitable age(18-21) and this only if they attracted to it.(Why? Well maybe I’ll tell in another article).

Love Sex and Rock’n’Roll \m/

Article by Kirke

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