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Liz Simpson – The Book of Chakra Healing (1999)

I have been studying yoga for over 20 years. Over the years when I have confided to my fellow magickal students that yoga techniques are essential and incorporated into my practical magickal techniques, and they could not imagine how. Also I have noticed that my favorite L.H.P. authors have indeed worked with yoga techniques and incorporated them into their practices.
Another thing that most people have not understood is that I can read a book and enjoy it and utilize the techniques without agreeing with the basic philosophy of the text. As an individual I believe in not limiting my self. I challenge my self to learn and grow.  Diversity is essential to the quest for knowledge and power. Obviously there are no beginner books on effective magickal yoga techniques for L.H.P. students and yet it is essential to your knowledge base.
What makes a book practical for a magickal student is when it is formatted for theory and practice. This is the best beginners manual on the market and beautifully illustrated. The book is formatted as a users guide to the seven chakras. Each chapter has six ways to experience the energy and attune the chakras. Each section is broken into six categories: correspondences, archetypes, alter construction, asanas (which are yoga positions), crystal work and a guided meditation.
This book is a beginner book. It does not include advanced techniques for vibrating the sounds and mantras of the chakras. Those are actually included in various L.H.P. magickal book sections on how to vibrate words of power. With this book review it is my intention to provide you with a yoga book that will introduce foundational yoga practices.
It is no secret that many of the current left hand path authors practice, have practiced and recommend that you practice yoga. The secret is: is that it is an essential key to developing and accessing the internal methods and unlocking your magickal potential. It is an essential key to you. Hatha yoga which is the popular yoga taught in the west is the kindergarten of yoga. But it is the most popular in the west because any one can pay their money and twist their body around this way and that. It is fashionable but most people become bored with it because it is just a technique developed to get the body out of the way of the spiritual development so that real learning can begin. It is like freeing your mind so you can think for your self and then never actually thinking for your self. They instinctually know there is something more to it but they never scratch the surface.

This book is a user’s guide to you and the many levels that you exist on. It is a practical introduction to theory and application of an obscure and much misunderstood subject.


Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Review by Firestorm Coraxo

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