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Liberation and the LHP

Liberation for us is not dissolving into sea foam and being absorbed into the ocean of the all being. It is absorbing the ocean and bringing the knowledge and power back with us into this world into this form to serve our needs and desires. There are those who teach abstinence from living. We live freely. You can not wake up in the morning without destroying something. The grass is damaged as you walk on it to get to the car or the microbes you destroy as you breathe. Death is a part of life and we can not live without it.  For instance to live we must eat something animal or vegetable.

Balance is essential hence the phrase solve et coagula which means to dissolve and to create. When we absorb nutrients or new experiences they dissolve in the process of being internalized and create new cells and knowledge in our body and mind. Yes everything flows in cycles but we do not submit to cycles we harness the cycles the way a surfer harnesses the wave. Sometimes depending on how advanced an individual is: anything is possible. Without the knowledge of the cycles that exist within and without us; we would be as babes in the woods. By applying that knowledge to our ends we can do anything.

Archetypes of the LHP are varied and in many cases not agreed upon. This is individual preference both in approach and belief. We invest belief how and where we will. The vehicle of liberation is the mind: freedom from dogma so that we can experience without blinders on. The liberation of the LHP appeals to me because it is real liberation. It is a terrifying proposition to truly face. What do you do when you really realize that all we have been raised with is a lie? How do you break the social conditioning and learn to think for your self? There are many methods offered by many different individuals and authors in the LHP and you have to decide for your self how to proceed. Indeed thinking for your self and not falling into the habit of letting the clique think for you; that is the most difficult. Figuring out who you are under the layers of parental and societal expectations is a deep process of self excavation.

Self directed liberation and freedom of thought is what we are all about. It is a daunting task and we are each at different levels of awareness and development. I find this path the most beneficial to my personal growth and development. It is not easy at all. I used to say all the time: “you can only have power that you are willing to be responsible for.” As in power is equivalent to what you are willing to accept responsibility for. We live in a world where everyone has reasons, stories and excuses for why they do what they do and their reasons are devoid of personal responsibility. As a matter of fact they like to blame it on the devil. This is the reason we will always be the few and not the many. Only a few forerunners out of the whole of humanity will ever be willing to accept personal responsibility for their choices. After all it is a choice. We choose to free ourselves. No limit and no taboo. Indeed we are as gods among men.

So when you struggle on the path smile knowing while it is difficult you are liberated by your own hand. Sure it is a struggle but it is for your hearts desire, your belief in your self and the application of your will. You are discovering your self and your true potential.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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