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LHP : Evolution vs Dangerous Sects

This article is written for those teenagers that do not have a family background to warn them on the dangers existing in the occult world, especially for those with Christian parents that become  easy victims of some organizations that usually have a low profile in the media. My purpose here is to warn, the rest is up to your intellect.
The teenagers have always been curious to new movements,have desired to be understood ,loved¬† needed, and also had an interest in spiritual questions. This is nothing wrong so far, but in the moment when one organization chosed to use those ”weaknesses” to recruit new members then alienate them from their old life and to work for the cult then we have a problem. A study made by O.Univ.Prof.e. Dr. Brigitte Rollett and Mag. Martin Felinger, between 2001-2003 in Austria, shows that the majority of those that are interested and prone to enter a religious group are the teenagers between 14 till 17, so exactly the most vulnerable period of ones life, when everything seems interesting and everyone friendly, and also when one thinks he/she is adult enough to deal with life.

What are the main characteristics of a dangerous sect?

Control via power
This power could be physical one(the leader is using physical threats) or claimed to be spiritual(the leader says he/she is a High Adept or the voice of Satan or other demon or God/essess).The victim is then forced to has a dress code, is told what to eat, whom to date, who is his enemy and who are the friends, what to do with his/her life. Many of the followers quit school because their leader said that school is brainwashing and so is family. When one is questioning the leader’s authority then huge punishments are to be expected that can vary-victim is forced to pay a fee, is beaten or is psychologically harassed (one of the techniques is to put spells on him/her). I’ve heared of sects that encourage teens to leave their families or even threat them to leave them in order to start ”a new life” and sadly end up in prostitution, jail or dead. Remember that NOONE can claim high authority on you and in the moment when one wants you to quit your normal life(family, school, girlfriend) then you must rethink.

The methods to induce fear in their members are endless even if some seem to be common in all the sects:punishment,guilt,threats. The leader is seen as a supreme being that has great power and sometimes even one word from him/her could induce fear.

Many of the sects will claim a sexual initiation and/or also group sex, those that refuse it are sometimes raped or seen as enemies. Those practices could lead to STDs and among them also AIDS (yes still exists there, and NO, you are not immune to it if the High Priest initiates you) and also the major psychological breakdowns that could happen to a teenager. Some sects will claim that via sex one evolves or enters into communion with one God, or even that the leader is one God so casual, unprotected sex is encouraged .I’ve heared of one ”Guru” that said in an interview, that he had sex with over 8000 women (unprotected sex by the way) and many of his female followers are encouraged to practice prostitution (and bring him the money by the way). Remember; when one says that you will become enlightened by having sex with the leader or one of the initiates then you are in danger.

The Enemy
The victims must see the leaders or the sect in general, as a savior with high standards. Anything that they have-books,spells,etc- are from a higher being (even if they are usually stolen from other groups). The enemy is anyone that is against the leader or his/her doctrine, even from old followers. Usually one sect has a hidden agenda and the main purpose is to gain gulable followers to do their dirty work. You could see that from their so called enemy-the society,the law,the government,the Illuminati,NWO,the blacks,the Jews,other groups that have different political views  etc. Remember Magick is not Republican or Liberal nor White or Black.

Mystical states of mind
I’ve already stated that the leader could claim to be the voice of one god or another and so could claim some of the followers(more or less schizophrenic). Now the main goal of the victim becomes to come into contact with the spirits, the gods, the demons etc. Altered states of mind gained by-chants, meditation, visualization, deep breathing, usage of drugs or different mushrooms are highly recommended by the leaders. The purpose is not to gain some evolution but to become dependent. Some even claim that only their meditations are good and will give results only done with the leaders or the victim will evolve or come into contact with the, let’s say, demons, if uses certain drugs.

We are the best, we are superior to the others from our path,if you are not one of us then you must be an enemy. This one usually is related to the 5th characteristic-Enemy.

Total commitment
Once the victim joins the group, he/she is expected to give full support- money, different kind of jobs(mostly illegal),sex, prostitution, criminal activity etc.

If you became the victim of a sect, the worst thing to do is to leave your family or/and quit school. Remember your parents, even if they are from a different generation, they will never ever hate you but want the best for you,care for you and forgive you. Even if you did some mistakes they will always forgive you, so go to them and talk, make them your friends-they will always stand on your side. If you quit school now, you will feel sorry later, when will be harder for you to get a  good job and easier for anyone to manipulate you. Take care.

Besides that LHP, means¬† individuality not bowing in front of any flesh so called leader, you do not need anyone to initiate you, and furthermore you do not need to listen or believe to anyone (yes, that’s right-not even to me here).Your life is your own, your truth is also yours, and accepting like a slave an opinion makes you and that organization¬† a RHP one.
Learn to think for yourself.

Article by Kirke

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