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“Letter from Lilith” (excerpts)

“ Loneliness,his worst enemy of all times-to her he devoted days after days,he transformed illusions into matter and matter into illusions, to a point when no one could decide which is the fog or the woman. Sometimes he woke up in a state of mind where he could see his feelings coming out of his chest and devouring all of the surroundings,great fangs of fear and red eyes of nothingness-this is what his life was all about “.

“ The shadow kept following him but remained mute to his lamentations just like it never heared what he just said. A black faceless image of him. And still, to Adam, the shadow was the only friend,his only companion and brother and sometimes he could swear that he saw it moving by its own “.

“ On the shores of insanity there is few light to be considered. One is walking alone and has the mere illusion of being animated with friends and a family, but once it falls,darkness comes faster and faster, consuming the little insect within seconds. Of course there are cases when this lasts ages,but one has to be of dark matter himself,because darkness always devours pure light sharply and when this happens,all colors,perfumes and sounds cease to exist giving birth to a void of silence,so sharp as anyone would have his ears covered in pain and eyes in blindness and not even the Sun could ever understand its alien nature “.

“ They didn’t know about each other,they didn’t care and soon they forgot and in their ignorance blamed the darkness .I dare to tell the truth and defend what is right,so I say that those things small and great in their nature,had no knowledge of what true darkness is so they feared the unknown. It’s of true word that what is beyond power itself could care less of such invisible things. So that I dare to say that not only things knew nothing about The Dark but also The Dark itself had no conception of what a thing  is “.

“ The only god that could be of such deserted lands was only Adam,son of Clay,mortal by nature but god of his will,no god though for above matters. Even if his will was strong enough just like of a tiger his mastery was that of a bragging frog. My eyes show daze when i see a spark glittering deep in his core. A tiny and yet alive spark of the gods. How could such a godly thing happen to such a bitter creature,I have no knowing, but I do know that it can transform water into fire and shadow into flesh “.

“Power has the habit of growing into itself and takes with it more feelings than any other human emotion. Love is pure,doesn’t needs anything except the image and the perfume of the other ,same is hate-feelings of deep passion. Power though, needs something else,a deep communion of one sided emotions, all powerful and vampiric, draining everything from its victim. Power needs a selfish soul,filled with weakness and also a constant hunger for other lifes or fortunes;it also craves for a  crown be it of gold or fame or…why not both. It is there with you all the time and grows deep into your heart,eating it drop by drop”.

“ Adam created life and with it he took away the happiness of the entire kingdom “.

All those quotes are taken from the upcoming book “ Letter from Lilith ” by Kirke

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