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Let there be…

Paxer Neteri, is acting as the god. Paxer is Coptic Egyptian which is close in meaning to the Latin word praxis, which is to practice.  Both R.H.P. and L.H.P. traditions draw from the ancient Greco-Egyptian papyri, even though their approach and goals seem different. The Great Work is the Alchemy of self-transformation and thereby the transformation of the whole world.

In this common root, it is agreed that real magick can only be performed, by a god. So through assumption of god-forms in ceremony, the miraculous becomes possible. Modern Luciferian’s and Left Hand Path practitioner’s take this one step further: “I am the only god that is.” The path of self-deification in affect, takes this to its logical potential.

In Tibetan Buddhist Cosmology, the world arose from seed syllables. According to the Qabala, all was created by an arrangement of the twenty-two Hebrew letters. Egyptian cosmology begins with the hidden god awakening in the abysmal sea and speaking the Ennead into being. The Nag Hammadi scrolls has Ialdabaoth awakening alone and declaring, “I am the only god that is.” In story after story, the vibrational foundation of the phenomenal world, is sound. Even in superstring theory, sound is the cause of all that we experience as reality.

There is ample and diverse theories, practices and ordeals, published with the aim of becoming a god. That is the easy part. Though for many they present obstacles to practice and manifesting this idea as a reality. I tell you the ceremonies and ordeals are the easy part. No matter how much time and energy they take. In your struggle for attainment, you will not fail to achieve success in the ceremonies and gaining gnosis. Persistence is omnipotent and if you persist you will succeed.  The hardest part and the greatest obstacle is learning how to act and think like a god. Everything is against you, on this one point. This is also the most important key that unlocks your true potential.

So what is the Logos, the magick word of the Aeon. This is a blind; you are the Logos and your word, is the word of the Aeon. We are fledging gods, the child of the Aeon, Babe of the Abyss. A god says let there be light and there is light. A human thinks in terms of all the external rules and regulations that he must abide by, to make a move. Mantra’s and Staota help to manifest your will in a vibratory way that interacts with the vibrational phenomena, all around us. All along our every thought, has been creating the world around us, in conjunction with everyone else. It is time to separate from that conjunction and learn to think like a god. All it takes is you, to change the world that you live in.

Here lies the precipice of Awakening of your fertile potential or entering into the futile madness. Learning to think like a god is both the key to actually manifesting your true will and the key to madness. This is what all those ceremonies and ordeals are for, self discovery, so that you are ready to learn to think like a god. The first step is to wake up and declare that you are the only god. The rest is up to you.

Timing is everything in relation to your personal awakening, rushing through the steps, is self-sabotage. Thinking like a god before knowing thyself, is certain futility. Do what you will shall be the whole of the law. So my point is, that if you have worked your ass off and persisted for years in the Great Work, and are unsatisfied with the results, maybe the only missing element is thinking like a god. This final step is the most difficult and most rewarding. Let there be (insert your desire), and so it is. Think as a god, act as a god and speak the word of the Aeon. (your Aeon)

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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