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Leap into the Left Hand Path

E.A. Koetting was once asked what advice he would give to any new student thinking of taking the plunge into the L.H.P. and he said that his only advice would be to jump in with both feet. In one of Michael W. Ford’s introductions he humorously warns the new student to take a fire proof journal. Carl Jung states unequivocally that integrating the shadow is essential to the individuation process. In Jung’s Seven Sermons to the Dead, Abraxis is an unwanted messenger to the dead who cry out because they are Christians and have not integrated their shadow.

What I have found is that it is essential and definitely worth it. I am an avid seeker who has had three mysteries that drove me to study how the universe works. It was only through my personal solitary work inspired by Michael’s books and Koetting’s as well that I was finally able to solve these riddles.

Two of the mysteries involved spontaneous evocations when I was child. I now understand the mechanisms at work in those miracles. Over the years everyone has tried to sell me explanations rooted in superstition. Instinctually I knew those explanations were not true.

Now, being driven to study everything to uncover the way the universe works, I have read the Nag Hammandi Scrolls. One passage in the Apocalypse of Adam has always nagged at the back of my mind about the implications. Adversarial Light by Michael W. Ford provided a likely answer to that lacuna-riddled scroll. In the Apocolypse of Adam it says that Yaldabaoth had a child with Eve. The section of the scroll where Adam is explaining this to Seth has more missing parts than words. So it never says what that was about. That has always intrigued me. Apparently Michael’s research has led him to conclude that it is referring to Cain the firstborn of the Witch blood.

Although the L.H.P. yields answers hard won, there are dangers. It is not all about books, orders and solitary work. Sometimes you find local groups and maybe blinded by a hunger for knowledge and experience you are tempted to join. I have taken many risks and paid the price.

Here is my advice for the new student embarking on the L.H.P.
1. Study on your own and work on your Self and your Life.
2. Study in the three dimensional world.  Not everyone is a cyber sorcerer.
3. In forums: read, do not skim, so that you know what something is about before you comment.
4. Study with friends and not strangers.  This is the internet and if anyone gets out      hand, block and ignore them.  You are always the one with the power.
5. When checking out orders and groups to study with or learn from, see if you can talk to current or former members to be certain it is where you want to go.
6. If you are going to get involved with a local group, do a thorough, objective background check.
7. If you attend an event make sure they use branded music by an artist you know and trust.  This eliminates the possibility of any kind of mind control attempts.
8. If you find your subconscious has been tampered with by any silly mind control attempts; remember there is a demon/angel/spirit for every need.  If you can not find one; I like Donald Michael Kriag’s I.O.B. from Modern Magick.  You are always the one with the power.  Now, of course, the L.H.P. version of the I.O.B. is I.O.E.D.: identify, objectify, ensorcel and devour.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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