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Larvae and mental illness

Dealing with the astral world is not an easy task not even for the experimented Magus. I will deal today with one of the many neglected subjects in the occult, mostly because it is considered too simple -it’s cooler to talk and experiment angels and demons than the lower forms of energy, I must admit it.

The larvae are etheric beings that do not possess any kind of intelligence and they act solely on their energy instinct. As Franz Bardon says they”have been brought into life consciously or unconsciously, by intense sensorial thinking, through the astral matrix. They are not real beings, but only forms thriving on the passions of the animal world, on the lowest step of the astral level. Their instinct of self-preservation carries them into the sphere of those men whose passions are responsive to them. They will try, directly or indirectly, to raise and kindle the passions slumbering in man. If these forms are succeeding in seducing men to give in to their suitable passion, they are feeding and thriving on the emanation of this passion produced in man. Man laden with many passions will attract a host of such larvae in the lowest sphere of his astral plane. A great fight takes place and, in the problem of magic, this fact plays an important role.” From Bardon’s point of view they seem quite simple creatures that should be rather ignored. Well,I dare to say that this is not the case, on the contrary- even if they are the simplest energy forms, they can cause great troubles to people (or at least to those that have no energy/astral experience).When I first consciently encounter them I was participating in a practice project for students, in mental health hospitals, during my college years. The more dirty imagination one has, the more will be surrounded by those maggots, and apparently hospitals, nursing homes, graveyards and mentally ill people seem to attract them the most. They do not possess moral standards so,some of us, might consider them evil, even demonic-which I doubt to be the case. During any kind of creative imagination process, we ”give birth”to a certain type of energy that they draw into their plane of living and their sole purpose is to make their host to create more of that yummy food. In that case the obsession appears. It is very important to state that we (as high beings) are in a continuum creation state, we are always thinking of ”this” or ”that”. Even those that deal with the occult, tend to get drawn into this process,ignoring the red flags that their instinct is giving to them, instead of calming the ”wild horse”, their train of thoughts and emotions. A calm initiate, that controls himself/herself, his/hers emotions and thoughts, that doesn’t jumps into harsh action, is one that will be less attached by any larva. We must remember that we constantly put the seed of creation into the astral. If you like to travel out of your body then will be quite easy for you to encounter them (at least it was for me) and I can tell you is not a nice meeting. Just like many of my fellow initiates, I thought they were some kind of demons or demonic entities but after I gained more energy experience I realized they were lower beings, with no conscience or intelligence at all, feeding only on my ”state of mind”.What I did was only to control my thoughts, minimizing any attraction for them. Also our level of resonance into the astral plane will send us to certain places- for example- when we are sad, we will go/encounter/meet places and/or beings that resonate to our state of sadness. This also goes for the real world plane- when we think we are ugly(for ex) people around us will act according to our non verbal, even telepathic language and they will even insult us. You can find them in places where someone died, feeding on their etheric bodies and this might be a cause for haunting phenomena reported…Also I heared they could also feed on very ill, infirm or coma persons.

What can you do?
One simple solution is to use meditation in order to cut your train of thoughts, especially ”dirty” thoughts. Cleaning the space with sea salt and sulphur is another option( watch out the sulphur though- I was about to burn the house once!!). Another good incense that is said to clean them away is the eucalyptus.

Article by Kirke

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