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Konstantinos – Nocturnicon: Calling Dark Forces and Powers (2005, Llewellyn Worldwide)

You know, I have owned many Llewellyn books and there is always an introduction titled the Llewellyn <insert esoteric adjective here> Magick Series. Lol, not for this one.  Oh no, there was actually more of a disclaimer of any endorsement or association with the author and the contents of this dreaded tome. As a matter of fact, this is one of my favorite Left Hand Path books because it is about healing. The dreaded tome arose out of an inoperable and life threatening neurological condition that effected Konstantinos’ ability to reach altered states that are necessary to perform magick. An experienced practitioner of the dark arts for over fifteen years, he had diverse experience from Goetic Workings to Nocturnal Witchcraft.

Here he was faced with a challenge that he could not cope with by the usual magickal means, and so he was challenged to develop new and direct techniques to breach the abyss and return with what he needed to heal himself. In this quest he employed Tesla devices and strange visualizations that some would certainly consider truly mad. His life was at stake; he had to develop what ever props and devices that would deliver him into the altered states he needed. I am most impressed with his work and philosophy.

He ends up having many conversations with Lucifer which are interesting and yield some of the rites that he shares with us, as well as mentioning there were things disclosed to him that he will take to his grave when he finally goes—which will not be anytime soon, because he is healed and whole, thanks to his daring.

He has fresh and unique insight into the Left Hand Path. I really enjoyed how he formats the book as well, with section titles like “The Book of The Damned”. I definitely recommend this book for many reasons. It covers a variety of material from Necromancy, sex magick, sigils, egregores and how to get started. He explains his material in an easy and user-friendly way. You can pick it up and use it; it is a workbook and a record of his work. It is and was an inspiration to me in my own healing of my own health issues. I really think it is also an invaluable record of a sorcerer adapting and developing new techniques to overcome insurmountable obstacles.


Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Review by Firestorm Coraxo

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