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This is the Lurianic spelling of Qlippoth as in the Qlipporhic Tree. I dreamsed about the Kellipot last night because I knew I was going to write about them today. Ordinarily qabalistic correspondences are seen more as an abstract relationship as opposed to literal or concrete. The term sinister actually means to creep and it has been creeping up on us. Forbidden knowledge has been creeping up on us as we validate one idea and move onto the next logical idea that it leads too. What if knowledge was forbidden not for moral reasons but scientific reasons. Like the term playing with fire, fire can take your life, or save it, the difference is in the proper application. The proper application of any force requires sufficient knowledge to safely handle it.  So lets say hypothetically that forbidden knowledge was about a type of technology that we knew at one time.  A knowledge that was lost because of misuse of it or because of an accident.

I talk about gravity sometimes, as a metaphor for different occult principles, such as the true will as it relates to being like the different courses of the stars. I have also used gravity as a metaphor for the predatory universe, because of how it behaves. I also talk about dark plasma theory and how it mirrors the metaphysics of Theosophy. What I had missed was the fact the Kellipot are described exactly as Jay Alfred describes Bio-Plasma Entities. Isaac Luria says that the dark ones are invisible.

One of the most striking ideas of the Klippothic force is that it is somehow “too powerful.” So is a black hole. It is intriguing to contemplate the possibilities. Think about it; the force too powerful broke the mold of the first creation. Broke the mold and survived, as an everlasting force.

When scientist first came up with the idea of dark matter (dark as in hidden) they did so because their equations for gravity did not add up. The way the celestial bodies in the universe behave, there seems to be missing mass. When you look at life, it is miraculous and amazing. Living things strive against all odds to grow and propagate, in spite of environmental factors. You have seen weeds break up a side-walk. Most of the functions that keep you alive, are automatically regulated by the subconscious. Literally most of your bodily functions are governed by technically hidden consciousness. Your heart rate and respiration seem to run on their own while you think about other things. Indeed human potential has barely been discovered. Sometimes people say to me: “when do you sleep?” I do enjoy sleep but the more energy I seem to spend, the more I build. I talk about thoughts being quantifiable energy and cultural thought-forms being engines to harness and direct that energy. I harness that energy and it is certainly quantified by virtue of my energy level.

Today I am asking a question. What if the incredible amount of force warned about, that the Klippoth possess, is the force that is required to sustain the universe and our consciousness?  What if our ancestors held a technology that could harness this force and they made some error in their calculations and disaster ensued? Everything really is relative. The center of the Milky Way is a black hole, which if we were too close, it would destroy us, but because of our location in relation to it, it sustains our current situation. So this forbidden knowledge that is too powerful may just be a failsafe laid out by our ancestors who were survivors of some disaster. Which may be the original reason for the myth of Atlantis.

So what does this have to do with the occult? It is where the power is. Sorcerers evoke entities out of the Aethyr that can bend reality and seem to be irresistible forces and wellsprings of power. This why Black Magick and the Sinister Traditions survive. Throughout recorded history tales of Evil Sorcerers have survived. Although recorded history is barely a drop in the ocean of the entire span of the human presence on Earth. Which seems to validate the theory: of an older more advanced civilization self destructing and seeding our ancient cultures in Egypt, Mesopotamia and India. Humans have been around for 2.5 million years and roughly ten thousand years ago we finally got organized? No there is more to the story.

What really puzzles me, is that as science keeps closing the circle on ancient wisdom, so few people seem to notice it. There is not one serious discussion, on the internet, about dark plasma theory and the metaphysical match up. This is a profound idea. Just like Ted Serios demonstrated that thought was quantifiable energy: we are on the advent of the astral/ etheric being quantified, and you could hear a pin drop.

What you have to understand is that Magick works and anything that works, works because it is scientific. Yes I know magick attracts fuzzy thinkers who are looking for an easy way out. It also attracts geniuses who have the ability to see how things connect. Yes I also know that only a small percent of Magickal books are authentic. You have to weed through the muck and test everything. That is the scientific method; to test your hypothesis. There is no easy way out, there is only dealing with it or avoiding it. Dealing with our discoveries and advancements opens up new vistas of human potential. Avoidance atrophies the very abilities that magkcal students are seeking to develop.

What I am trying to do here is to get people to think about these ideas and see what they think.  This is fabulous food for thought and may be the key to unlocking the power of the Kellipot. Is it advisable? No it is not for everyone. Is it where the power is? Yes. That is why they call it, playing with fire, real power is dangerous. It is up to you to explore these ideas further, or leave them alone. It is dangerous but not in a damnation way, but in a “too much power,” way.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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