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J. van Rijckenborgh РNuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana (© J. van Rijckenborgh 1987)

The Nuctemeron is, in essence, an instruction manual for traveling through the twelve hours of the Night Side/Underworld.  Each of the verses attributed to Apollonius are a pitiful fragment of a larger body of work that once existed, yet for the dedicated seeker the verses yield a path to liberation; liberation from the wheel of the zodiacal influences so that one in reverse is the influence that moves the stars.

The Rosicrucian library is itself most convoluted and hazy, even its prolific magickal and mystical rhetoric. Yet in the maze of magickal treasures and dead ends, one finds repeated reminders of the true knowledge. Not as an elucidation of such, but how it is buried age after age by the mimicry of knowledge. Empty words with empty treasure-houses; saying and mimicking the right things. Occult indeed means hidden; occult knowledge is hidden in plain sight. The knowledge cannot be apprehended until the seeker awakens from his slumber and opens his eyes.  Before that, any record of the knowledge is just another drop in the sea of propaganda; but once awakened, nothing can keep the seeker from apprehending it.

Another warning in this book is what the Adept faces once he wakes up. The laws of Thermal Dynamics are used to describe this situation that we are in. This world is on fire, and once the black flame is awakened in you it can not equalize with the fires of this world because it is not of this world. This is described as the equalization of temperature and how the black flame can not be affected by those who do not have it. This would seem an ideal situation for the Black Adept.

Here is the challenge: there are many levels occurring in any social situation. One an energy level you are not accessible by them so the un-awakened react in various ways.  So invariably there will be a full range of responses, from ignoring to desperately trying to affect you in any way possible. This causes a great deal of confusion until the Adept realizes what exactly is happening and then he can take control of the situation. At this point there is no such thing as a situation outside of your control.

One may misunderstand and think that Rosicrucian publications are not left hand path; one must remember the knowledge of the black flame has been hidden in plain sight. It is obvious to me that they are referring to the black flame here and that the references to God are not the Judeo concept at all. It is the classic journey into the underworld and the ignition of the black flame through the ordeal presented in each of the twelve hours.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Review by Firestorm Coraxo

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