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IX.The Hermit-Path between Hod and Tiphareth

Path: Hod-Tiphereth
Element: Air
Colour: Yellow
Planet: Mercury
Number: 9
Other titles: The Shaman, Time, The monk, Heimdall
Keywords: meditation, inner introspection, dark core, true self, silence


(The Hermit-Hard Rock Park Myrtle Beach SC USA)

When we talk about this card we must never mistake it with The Hierophant because if the former has a deep inner connection with the High Priestess that he will never brag about but on the contrary he is always in a simple and humble kind of state with himself and the others, the latter is exactly the opposite and it shows only the earthly state of any dogma and religion. So if the Hermit is on the¬† a genuine magickal path, The Hierophant wants nothing else than flesh type of rewards. There are several theories regarding on what path The Hermit stands and what Planet and Zodiac sign he should be attributed starting with A.Crowley (Virgo-Mercury) and ending with modern type of theories( Uranus-Aquarius or Jupiter-Sagitarius).From my point of view The Hermit is a pure mental(airy) type of character that aims to a solar¬† objective, his lamp being a proof.Mercury is the closest planet to Sun,it takes 88 days for it to complete it’s orbit, it is a planet of communication and mind and mythologically speaking he is a messenger of the higher ”Gods”.The Hermit on the other hand is the one that seeks the higher ”Gods” and has the sacred spark inside him.

Article by Kirke

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