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IV.The Emperor-The path between Geburah and Tiphareth

Traditional Path: Yesod-Netzach
Color:red,orange,scarlet,flame red
Letter:Heh-Value 5 Meaning-Window

Other titles:The Father,Caesar,Zeus,Animus,Patriarch,Father,Tzar,King,


(IV.The Emperor-Gothic Tarot)

In traditional deck, IV. The Emperor stands right between Yesod (Foundation-Moon) and Netzach (Victory-Venus) and as we all can see those two spheres are pure feminine along with all the correspondences that come along with the feminine side while IV. The Emperor is ruled by planet Mars and has Aries as sign that are rather masculine characteristics. Probably those that thought of that positioning of the card , took only as a clue the Hebrew letter ”Heh” that denotes femininity and is a suffix that makes a word feminine in Hebrew language and in the same time Rabbis consider Hey to be the Shechinah (feminine of God).Even so the other correspondences do not fit into the picture.(or if they do please let me know).In the first place I didn’t like Fr.Achad’s opinion either-Emperor between Geburah and Tiphareth but thinking more and writing down all the correspondences and in the same time meditating and going on a deeper level into the astral worlds I realized that he was absolutely right. Geburah(Severity-Mars) and Tiphareth(Beauty-Sun) make a perfect match with The Emperor. Now, not all the decks will show the perfect correspondences, many of them will be perfect on an artistic level (just like the one above) but lack all the keys that unlock the path to the astral worlds, so is better for you to use a classical deck, even ugly on the surface rather than a pretty one but with no symbols, no proper colors etc, in a nutshell all the keys.
Traditionally, IV. The Emperor is a bearded figure sitting on a throne, somewhere in a mountain area, dressed as a king of the land. The ram head or ram itself is present in all the decks and sometimes even the Roman eagle giving the picture more of a Mars personality. The colors used are of the solar nature-yellow, orange, red,purple. Sometimes he will be dressed as a Roman Emperor and other times as a Middle Ages old king but to me both representations are good, even if the Roman picture would unlock more of the past Apollonian type of conquering and wars.

Article by Kirke

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