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It Matters

There are five states of matter.  When I went to school it was three.  The most interesting one is plasma. Especially since my favorite biologist suggests that plasma life forms evolved in the plasma environment that our solar system is embedded in. It seems that they evolved along side life on our planet.  He further suggests that our astral body is a biological plasma life form. So what you may ask does this have to do with the occult and more specifically the black flame? It has to do with the fact that magick is a science not yet accepted or documented by orthodox science. What you have to understand, is that not everyone is interested in demystifying magick. When the science of magick is presented it is rejected or ignored by practitioners because it is what they already know. Some people will naturally reject the demystification of magickal methods and laws, simply because they would lose their monopoly on the knowledge. Since the advent of dark plasma theories and my attempt to introduce the ideas to a magickal population, no one has really paid attention to it.

Great, so once again only an elite few will be in possession of special knowledge which by the way once again will be used to control the people who chose to not look at it. So be it. Who am I to push my personal desire to live in a world of awakened and independent individuals? A world where the known secrets of the universe are available to everyone for the benefit of everyone. Remember, I gave you a chance to become aware of the science behind magick.

According to David Anderson at Nasa, Consciousness is the Unified Force and therefore unified field theory, which is the holy grail of physics.

The black egg of the Akasha is the fifth element and tatva. The egg symbolizes consciousness. This is misunderstood as the soul.  All parts of the self are projections of consciousness. In Michael W. Ford’s work, FHM is a Persian word for awareness/ perception and also means charcoal.  Repeatedly in grimoires spirits are referred to as intelligences. Is the dark plasma surrounding and interpenetrating our planet, the home of those intelligences? Our consciousness is capable of miracles, which is where the placebo affect comes from.  Mind over matter or the Chiah passing through the Rauch.  According to Lurianic Qabalism the Lifeforce passing through the mind, forms the body. The brain is the C.P.U. of the body but it seems our consciousness may be our dark plasma body or mental body and consciousness. You can say nothing is true all day long until you stub your toe on a rock. The experience of the rock is real and the Rauch that experienced it is real. Gods, Goddesses and Archetypes of all kinds have interacted with humanity for as long as recorded history; the experience of them is obviously real on some level. It makes sense for them to be Dark Plasma Entities and that would put them literally in our sky and under our earth. All of reality is a subjective experience for the individual. That does not invalidate objective existence of reality outside of that experience. When you look at Morphic Field Theory and formative causation, the plasma field is the perfect conductor of thought energy and intent.

We are on the verge here of a scientific understanding of magick that will free us from the nonsense of superstition and open up new horizons to us. The universe is way cooler than you think.

So let’s say you are a practitioner and you don’t care and don’t want to know the science behind magick; what you don’t know can hurt you. If it is a science, then anyone can use it; including your opposition.  Knowledge is power and dark matter holds the universe together. Imagine what we can achieve with a science of magick. Our vista’s are unlimited.

To me the black egg is the potential of consciousness and the black flame is that potential realized.  To me the black flame is consciousness in an active and awakened state. The field of Consciousness can be utilized to transmit desire and intent along the axis of focus. Which is why real magick begins with training the mind to focus; on thoughts, ideas or even mantras. Learning to focus the full attention on any one thing is not an easy task.  So get to work and remember that the reason it matters is because this is all about you. Think about it: dark matter, the most powerful force in the known universe is a tangible feature of your individual consciousness. Read more about it:

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by  Firestorm Coraxo

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