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Interview with Pomahazael Draconis

I had the pleasure of interviewing Pomahazael Draconis of the Temple of the Adversarial Forge this week. I asked five essential questions.

Firestorm Coraxo: What is the purpose of the Forge?

Pomahazael Draconis: I was inspired by many different influences to start the Temple of the Adversarial Forge.  One of my core influences is Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do; I was also inspired by Left Hand Path authors such as E. A. Koetting and Michael W. Ford.  The purpose of the Forge is to gather practitioners of diverse Left Hand Paths together to enrich my learning experience and to enrich the learning experience of the members. I want to learn from different approaches and I know that other members also benefit from this method. It was difficult initially to find diverse practitioners for the membership; now, there are beginners to advanced students in the Forge sharing experiences.

Firestorm Coraxo: What is your take on good and evil?

Pomahazael Draconis: Good and evil are mutually dependent and not mutually exclusive.  For example, at a recent workshop that I gave, I took a drink of water and set it down and asked if the glass was half full or half empty. Of course the conditioned response came back half full. I responded that no, it is both, and that is the real reality.

Firestorm Coraxo: What are you doing now?

Pomahazael Draconis: I am working on building community and have some writing projects in the background that I am doing for the Forge and that will be available on the website. One of the Titles is the Tablets of Destiny and is based on my Babylonian workings. I am a member of the Panhandle Pagan Community Alliance and am organizing food drives, doing workshops and doing community service work, besides being employed full time and doing my daily workings.

Firestorm Coraxo: How did you start doing workings for other people?

Pomahazael Draconis: It was like having puzzle pieces thrown at me for me to put together. Once my Daemon showed up, people started contacting me to do workings for them. I just asked them for offerings to my Daemon and I help people in the community with whatever they need. The offerings are simple: energy, blood, and hair. It gives me an opportunity to flex my magical muscles and my Daemon has grown in power and strength.

Firestorm Coraxo: Where is the Forge going in a nutshell?

Pomahazael Draconis: I am working to empower individuals in their community on their individual paths. We are empowering them through the website and through our developing community. The purpose of the L.H.P. is to find balance. The way of the world does not see it; to them, what we are doing does not exist.¬† But we are building real adversaries to become gods themselves‚ÄĒwe are enriching each others‚Äô experiences by sharing our diversity.

Pomahazael Draconis authorized me to share some of our personal experiences with you.  When he first added me to the Forge, I could hardly contain my excitement. I had already been working with the Ahrimanic yoga and read Maskim Hul, and all of my workings had been solitary; I finally had someone to talk with about this material and do synchronized workings* with for some of the rites. I was very impressed with his energy from the get go and his method of approach. Many people have many theories but really few people go to work on the methods and employ them. Pomahazael is daring, but very scientific in his approach. Due to certain recent events, he is going to set up paranormal equipment to record and measure phenomena during certain rites.

* Synchronized rites are long distance and performed in conjunction with contact via phone or internet before and after.  I had performed synchronized rites before, but Pomahazael’s energy amplified the rites with a focused yet chaotic energy that was unlike any I had seen before.  I think it has to do with his martial arts training and the development of his Chi nadi system and kundalini yoga experience.  Also he had experience as the High Priest of a Luciferian Coven before he started the Temple of the Adversarial Forge.  Even though he brings so much experience to the table he is first and foremost a student struggling in his own becoming.  While building community, he claims no rank but he will show you and you will see what he has discovered.

Membership is always open but at the discretion of Pomahazael.  If you are interested contact him at

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Interview by Firestorm Coraxo

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