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Internal Insurrection

Men have debated the actual existence of Free Will, since the inception of the idea. It is all cerebral and mostly insipid intellectual masturbation that blowhards like to go on about to justify one thing or another. Such debates are mostly useless to anyone trying to free themselves from any kind of social conditioning. I say mostly, because in practice anything can serve as inspiration or provide insight depending entirely on the peculiar orientation of the individual in the pattern misunderstood as fate. The only chains that bind you are thoughts and ideas, and your fear of breaking outside the lines set down for you by your parents and the confines of decency.

No one can hypnotize you to liberate yourself from the social matrix of pre-determined responses and choices buried deep in your subconscious, having entered in when you were most vulnerable, as a baby. You cannot be liberated by someone else. As a matter of fact many of the best minds ever born have wrestled with the question of free will and determined by reason: that it does not exist. It is clear within circumstantial evidence, upon deeper examination, that the functional existence of freewill is pure fantasy. Literally by the circumstances of birth and societal position, every choice you ever make is framed by previous experience, ideas and expectation.

Yet the pen is mightier than the sword, or in this case, mightier than Pavlov’s bell. The mere entering of the idea of freewill into the language and thought process of the human species has caused it to become an undeniable desire in the human psyche. For many the lust to achieve functional freewill is greater than the lust for power. According to, rational science and psychology: what liberation looks like and how freewill would actually function is an unknown.  Even the urge to break free of preset patterns and the urge to self-determination, is seen as a preset reaction to the idea of freewill. In the book “Stranger in a Strange Land,” blasphemy is used as a tool to break the chains that bind. Indeed this is one threshold of possibility, since religion is used to keep you from rebelling. Furthermore over the ages a “select few” authors have published material intended to inspire you in practical methods to free your mind. Your only chains that bind you are your own thoughts and ideas about the world and you have been set up from birth to act out your role, to find your place in the social matrix and die.

So if there are no Scientific or Conventional Psychology Methods to liberate yourself from the pre-determined patterns that govern your life. If there are no known conventional ways to free your mind so that you do have free will, then where is this article going?

Hi, I would like to introduce you to an unconventional methodology. Beyond semantics and Transcendentalism, onto the threshold of possibility: of the “real world” of the Ascending Black Adept. I say beyond semantics because practice and experience is the ground breaking innovation. Transcendentalism is cerebral/ mystical and while it may bring spiritual peace, it is an acceptance of the preset pattern, not a breaking of the pattern. Let me make one thing clear, most Satanist will not agree with me, that Satanism is the Threshold of Possibility. When some people read my articles, they have preset expectations and definitions set by other people. I and anyone who thinks for them self, will not be echoing popular opinion, but will be presenting their own ideas. So if you will notice, my ideas are not stock ideas taken from the “encyclopedia of popular definitions.” My ideas are from my own research, exploration and experience.  So I am saying that the starting point of one of the paths to recover your free will, is any form of Satanism. The rational focus on self and an epic attempt to understand from a rational standpoint is the threshold of possibility. This is because the chains that bind you have been driven into your subconscious through dire emotional manipulation and fear; by virtue of the religion of the control system, blasphemy is a perfectly reasonable as a first step to recovering your personal power.  It is a beginning to self discovery, not self denial. How do we discover what human potential really is and how far it goes, when it is a “sin” to be human?

Internal methods are the most ephemeral, mythical and nigh impossible to communicate. The revolution against the control system has to be internal; you have to cut the strings or you are still a puppet of the control system. If the possibility of freewill exist; you have to fight for it, but it is the psychological controls within that you have to fight. This is why we call it the Left Hand Path and Antinomian. You have to go against the flow on a most basic and personal level; what Shamans call, “stopping the world.” It sounds extreme but in practice does not involve necessarily any overt extremism. As a matter of fact any overt extremism actually can be a distraction from the Great Work, which by the way, is becoming more than human. This freewill I am referring to is also known as discovering your True Will and Knowledge and Conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel/ Daemon. Your own intuition and insight has been buried under layers of fear: fear of going to hell, of the devil and worst of all, fear of yourself. Your own most basic emotional substrate has been corrupted by the control system to keep you enslaved. Which is why until you free yourself, your own intuitive ability will sabotage your progress. This is also why your own liberated intuition and insight can become so potent.

Left hand path and right hand path, describe approaches and not a limitation on what materials that you can use to discover your true will and determine your own path. In other words the technical arguments over what body of knowledge is left hand path and which is right hand path, is totally unnecessary since they only describe differences in approach. You are the only one who can determine what works for you in your internal revolution. It is all about what you want and not about what is fashionable or popular. It is not about any pre-existing theology, philosophy or ideology; it is about waking up from social conditioning and self discovery, by whatever means that works for you. That being said, the left hand path approach is very specific and is not in any way egalitarian. Specific in its aim and methodology and is only for people who want to awaken from the slumber of their automatic existence and societal preset function. While the left hand path has become popular; with popularity have come misunderstandings caused by the fact that everybody on the internet is an “instant expert” on whatever they claim. Great; Black Magick is the new enlightenment… okay…

The wheel of the zodiac as long been used since ancient times, to illustrate the forces that influence our birth and how we can transcend those forces and overmaster them. Even Zolar mentions this in the introduction to his, “Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge.”  The antinomian currents of magick, are not new; they are not invented, they resurface when people remember that they are more than this. The beginning of wisdom is to know thyself. But being self centered is the greatest sin of all. Even though there is no self-discovery or deliberate living without it. Currently there are teachers and instructors who have written books and have internet sites; which have the integrity to provide viable tools to help you get started on the path of your personal alchemy necessary to free yourself. They will not hold your hand and wipe your tears away and assure you that everything will be okay. What they have done and continue to do is provide viable materials, for self empowerment. They hand you the sword to free yourself from the Gordian Knot of your behavioral conditioning. Free fall is imminent if you succeed, but it is the first step. Each step is an initiation, a new beginning. It is your choice to live and die according to the will of others, or to discover your true will and live your life. There are no saviors, only you can save yourself. I defend the rights of freedom of thought, speech and choice.  The other side of this equation is that there is no actual freedom to do anything as long as you are making choices based on preprogrammed presets. I raise my pen against the oppression of the people of this world. The pen is mightier than the sword and freewill is a possibility for those willing to brave the internal insurrection.

The greatest question in the debate of free will, is how you would come to a point in your preset autonomic existence, to choose to free your-self? There is only one answer, somewhere inside of us, we know. We remember and then forget many times before we dare to act on it. You know what I am saying, you feel it in your bones. You remember something that you are not quite sure of. This is the muse of all art and artist of all trades. This is why I paint for 72 hours and my friends bring me food because I do not need to eat when I paint. This is why art is dangerous to the control system. We know and we have always known and most of us will choose to forget and go on as if nothing untoward has occurred. But I refuse to forget and today I remind you.  Every day I forge myself in the flames of alchemy; the left hand path is only for the diligent, who never give up and never say die. Alchemy means pertaining to Khem, which is the black land in Egypt; the flame of the Alchemist has always been the Black Flame.

Some of those teachers’ websites and books that I was referring to…

Now remember, none of these guys have the answers.  They have the tools for you to find your own Way; for you to discover and unleash your own divinity/daemon from within.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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