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Most current orders say that you don’t need an order and that self initiation is best. Which of course is according to the need of the student. One size does not fit all. I know in my initial foray into studying magick that I was fortunate enough to have the benefit of group and individual workings. I remember back then the groups were all like: you are free to come and go; which did not function that way when I and others decided to leave. So just because a group says publicly what is popular or politically correct, it does not mean that is how they actually function or believe.

We live in the information age; where people want to choose for themselves what to study and think. Many students want more freedom and less restriction in subjects they want to explore. Imagination yoked with possibility is unstoppable.  What stimulates a students imagination is what works best for the student. Anything that stimulates the imagination has the cascade affect of providing solid tools for the mind to use as leverage in unlocking individual potential. Utilizing the tools in meditation, dreams and daily workings: which of course takes time and energy. Time management and adaptability is crucial in the pursuit of self initiation. Whether deific masks or obscure or complex ideas stimulate your imagination, whether positive or negative; whatever works for you, works.

What initiation means is a new beginning; a new perspective; a new understanding and a new influx of energy. To initiate is not really an achievement in and of itself. Initiation in most orders means access to new material; self initiation means access to levels of the universe previously hidden or uncomprehended. Discovering your true will is a breakthrough of self insight and self liberation. The great work is ongoing self discovery; excavating new levels of self awareness and understanding.

Initiation is certainly not for everyone because not everyone chooses it. It is hard and dangerous and the biggest downer is that as you peel away layers you soon discover the real reason that most people will never choose to rule themselves. The amount of power that you are able to wield is directly proportionate to what you are willing to be responsible for. This is the reason that the number of people who actually wield power is so low. It is up to you; not an order or anyone else. If you choose the path of initiation then you will find out what you are made of.

Politics is the bane of initiation, drama is a drain on available energy for initiation.  Prioritizing and adaptation are elements of surviving the pitfalls that await the initiate. Whatever path you choose the process is very similar. Your individual approach is key to your results.

Now is the time to take the initiative and not wait. If you have chosen the path of initiation then the age of information can be useful or it can be a distraction. Use your tools, don’t let them use you.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article By : Firestorm Coraxo

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