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Immortality device

The subject of immortality is old as human race and most of the religions that we know today are based more or less on it,in fact for the RHP dogmas,God, is not as important as the immortality of the soul because due to it,and only because of it, people continue to beg for blessings from their ”savior”.It is like a spiritual ”black mail”-you believe in God and you are baptized results , your soul will be immortal. For the materialist and the scientist, the soul is a mere function of the organism that perishes with body’s death. Due to that theory we even have some eccentric Russian billionaire (Dmitry Itskov) that claim to achieve cybernetic immortality within next 33 years. He even has a project of human avatars that could house the brains.”First a robotic copy that’s controlled remotely through a brain interface. Then one in which a human brain can be transplanted at the end of life. The next could house an artificial human brain, and finally we’d have holographic avatars containing our intelligence much like the movie “Surrogates.” No matter how hilarious and futuristic his project might sound, there are a couple of other moguls that, actually, invest in that utopia. Let’s not forget that his theory is based exclusively on the brain, and he forgets the fact that the brain also get’s old, even if he transfers it into an avatar.

One of the most sophisticated and complex theories of possible immortality(that do not require a body transfer), belongs to the Chinese. They claim that out of the Qi, all of the life forms came into life, being the origin of the Universe. In the Chinese system of life maintenance, qi is considered the basic matter and the motrice force of any life. As we all know, during life, the body and mind changes. This natural process is called metabolism and includes the breathing,digestion,blood circulation etc. From the Chinese point of view this process is maintained by the qi. From that point of view the qi-gong has the power to strengthen the metabolic process and even to prolong life.

But qi represents more than breathing or air-the term also means vital energy. Even if its invisible and untouchable, qi is tied to the blood and saliva. On the other hand, the blood represents the material basis of qi. Without blood there is no qi. When the qi of lungs is blocked we cough, if the qi of heart is blocked we feel tired, same lack of qi in stomach could leads to vomit. There are a multitude of factors that could perturbate the qi circulation within the body. Among them are the food,stress,bad weather.

That qi has its ”throne” in the ”Gate of Life” that is between kidneys, and the ancient Chinese considered it the Root of Life. By practicing qigong, one could accumulate the qi, deposit it and also controls. The ancient Chinese classified the qi into :primordial qi, the sexual qi,blood qi,organic qi,circulation qi,and self defense qi. The prime qi is the one that we receive at birth from our parents, and it’s located between kidneys. The prime qi is the one that gives life and can transform into the sexual qi. It is very important to notice that all the qi types are inter-connected, even if they have different functions .In a large sense they are one entity.

The Chinese strongly believed that the more Qi we stock into our bodies, the more we prolong our life and even there are stories of sages that lived over 200 years. How they kept the qi into their bodies is a very complex method and I would actually call it a ”lifestyle”.They eat certain foods in a special manner. What they eat in the spring then never eat in the winter- for example chicken is a winter meat and fish due to its cold meat is a summer food. Also their sex life is a subject of thousands of studies and books and I would recommend to those that are interested the books of Mantak Chia.

According to my opinion the theory that blood contains the source of life sprang into the vampiric practices, that include more or less the drinking of blood. We all heared of Erzsebet Bathory that bathed in maiden’s blood, because she thought that it will bring her the lost beauty and examples could go on.

One weird theory that made me to write this article, belongs to a Romanian Initiate that claims to be the reincarnation of some Atlantis sage. From his point of view the lost Atlants were able to obtain immortality, that was kept only for the nobles though. He says that the life of an Atlant would’ve been of couple of hundreds of years, and that due to plants and some ”techniques”. When the body was too old or dying then they had a special device that could transfer one soul from a body into another donor body without altering the former. Basicly the device had two energy generators and one concentrator. In order for the process to be achieved there was needed a ”donor” that belonged to ”plebea” and those that were in charge were supposed to maintain the conditions for the separation of the¬† second etheric double from the primary etheric double. It was absolutely mandatory for the primary etheric double to stay attached to the material body during the transfer. The¬† second etheric double was going on its path into the astral plane, and the spirit to its spiritual plane. Their science was so evolved as the technical devices permitted the etheric double and the spirit to go to their realms without¬† any stationary or transition period. In the moment of transfer, there was needed a mind washing. Without it there would be internal conflicts between spiritual conscientious and subconscious. The new person was supposed to be the old one but just in a new body. In the moment of transfer, first there was the secondary etheric double removed and freed. If the ”surgery” was ok and the primary etheric double was stable, then the secondary etheric double of the old body was transported into the new body. Then were transported the spiritual information into the memory of the conscious, a channel was established to make the subject conscious and the ”surgery” was over.

To be honest I’ve never thought of such a device before and what would contain- the author claims that the device was somewhere in the Carpathians, due to their chemical structure. Anyway if you have any ideas of how, anyone,could build a device like that please let me know.

Article by Kirke

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