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III.The Empress-Path between Malkuth and Netzach

Path:from Malkuth to Netzach
Color:emerald green
Letter:Daleth (door)
Other titles: MotherEarth,Anima,Freja,Venus,Afrodita,Empress Adelaide,Earthly Paradise,Demeter,Ishtar,Isis.
Keywords:fertility,riches,sexuality,physical attraction,pregnancy,connection with nature, etc


(III.The Empress-Victorian Romantic Tarot)

The III. Empress is probably the most epicurean of all the Tarot cards and the one that gather the feminine power in all its sexuality and fertility. The usual description shows a young female of rubensian beauty sitting on a throne and surrounded by a rich nature. Everything around her signifies fertility and spring power; sometimes she is painted with a late pregnancy tummy.
Traditionally she sits between Tiphereth and Chochmah but according to Fr.Achad she is moved between Netzach and Malkuth. If we look on the correspondences and the two spheres then we can easily see that Netzach is the sphere of Venus-love, fertility-green and the path of the Empress comes in perfect occult logic between Malkuth – the sphere of the elements, where we live and Netzach. Also if you are into vision magick and/or astral travel then, this particular Tarot card with all its correspondences will carry you on the sphere of Netzach and not other card (or at least this is working for me-I don’t claim my methods are correct and everyone should follow them).

Article by Kirke

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