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Igniting the Black Flame

What is the Black Flame? There are many writers who have brought us ample material on the Black Flame and rites to ignite it. What gets lost in the translation is the fact that instructions are only a suggestion and meant to be adapted by the individual. We are not cookie cutter adepts; one size does not fit all. At the other extreme are the people who use the recommendation to adapt the material to fit the path of least resistance. This is fine as far as individual choice goes, but in this case the student has missed the point. The left hand path is not the path of least resistance and igniting the black flame is a process: the process of self initiation into ones own becoming.

What brings many students to this path is the desire to live authentically and to discover their true potential (and possibly the true potential of humanity). To live authentically means to live deliberately. Aleister Crowley once stated that every deliberate act is a Magickal act. This may seem silly because most people think that their thoughts are their own. The truth is that most people are indoctrinated from birth to perceive and think a certain way. We occultists are trying to break out of that box. We are trying to wrestle control of our subconscious from unconscious complexes by allowing them to emerge and find expression in ways that benefit the individual. This is also known as evocation.  We are also trying to break the environmental influences upon our subconscious. How can you have a choice until you free your subconscious from the influences of others?

Every rebel god in mythology fought this battle. This is why we work with archetypes of spiritual rebellion. Set, Satan, Lucifer, Ashtar and many more deities are worked with in various approaches by left hand path adepts. In trying to free our mind we are rebelling against the hierarchy of the universe. We are going against the natural order thus we are called antinomian. We spark the black flame in the forge of our becoming when we separate our mind from the collective and Become. One epithet of Set is Isolate Intelligence, and has been used by many as the model for becoming. It is hard and mostly solitary work.

Sometimes when the student first wakes up and sees the control system as an external force and he forgets himself and goes to fight that and save everyone. The self needs to be accepted as the most important. The martyr complex is the most dangerous and has been reinforced by social consensus. That is how right hand path religions are born. This is what is meant by the phrase ‚Äúlet sleeping dogs lie.‚ÄĚ The subconscious complexes are dangerous when the individual tinkers with it. Even so there is no becoming without that tinkering. The subjective reality is that you can only free yourself. The individual becoming is a personal process and involves personal work. That is why most of the work of the Black Adept is solitary.

Free the mind and the rest will follow; ignite the black flame and you will never sleep again. Awaken the black flame of consciousness by rites, feats or whatever means necessary. It is worth it to awaken and liberate yourself. This is not the short path to liberation, this is the direct path. The black flame is awakened consciousness which is also known as spirit or soul. Self awareness is the key and what you do with that knowledge is up to you. Just try to remember that you are the Great Work and that your path to becoming begins with you discovering your Self and then you can find ways to change the world at large.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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