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Hydration, nutrition, fitness and magickal practice

Many people make the mistake of thinking that spirituality and physicality are separate and exclusive. The fact is that spirituality and physicality are intimately connected on the most basic biological and spiritual levels.  As science as made strides forward this has been documented by hooking up Tibetan Monks, to sensors, and recording the chemical reaction in the brain to meditative states. Furthermore Jay Alfred has compared the plasma body to the etheric and astral bodies described in metaphysics and Theosophy.  Plasma is one of the five states of matter and there is plasma in our blood. The plasma in our blood is necessary for daily cellular functioning and regeneration. While there is no hard evidence of a Spirit or Soul: quantum mechanics, morphic fields and plasma theory all describe interactive nature of the phenomenal world with the perceiver. Even the research of Masura Emoto provides tantalizing suggestions of the role of water of in our bodies and the world at large. This is a hot topic for theorist and researchers; but let me bring this back down to practical magick.

All the far reaching implications are not what the practitioner needs to know,  what he/she needs to understand is how it works and why it is important to the practitioner of magick. Because of the intimate connection between body and spirit, you must understand that all bodies are fully engaged when you perform any magickal rite or meditation. The purpose of yoga training is not just fitness; it is to get the distractions of an unfit body, out of the way. The uncomfortable nature of an unfit body is a distraction from focusing the mind on any task. All sorts of aches and pains afflict the unfit.  Any type of physical training is necessary, but martial arts, tai chi and yoga were specifically designed to empower the body spirit connection.

Actual magickal practices performed on a regular basis range from daily meditations and ceremonies to more extreme path-working and intense shamanic communion with raw archetypal forces. This is where the importance of good nutrition and hydration comes into play. While fasting may be an essential component to a specific rite, good nutrition and optimal hydration prior to the fast are essential to achieve optimal affects. Even more important is to not to allow the spiritual intoxication of a successful rite, to over ride common sense. Hydration and good nutrition are essential to regenerating after a successful rite, or series of rites.

Sometimes we forget that the offerings and tools we utilized are symbols that activate our energies. We burn tons of spiritual and physical energy: empowering, activating and daring to invest 100% into our workings. We do get tons of energy back in one form or another, depending on the type of rites performed, but the bio-unit/body/human vehicle: requires physical sustenance to fully benefit.  So while still enthralled in the intoxication, go ahead and begin the hydration and after a while, eat something healthy.

Many modern humans walk around dehydrated and depleted from caffeine, alcohol and chemicals in junk food. Then they wonder why their brain chemicals and bodies are malfunctioning. Which in turn funds the pharmaceutical companies and atrophy the mundanes capabilities to think or function for them selves. In the idea of the separate and unconnected spirit and body paradigm and fuzzy new age thinking, that enlightenment can be purchased and that there is no need to be fit or take care of the body.  What you think is up to you?

There are some practices that are less extreme and tax the body less and there are some that tax it more. I am writing this article from experience, the more intense and direct the archetypal contact, the more I need to hydrate, as if my plasma has been taken directly out of my veins. I personally push the envelope of reality to the extreme, so not everyone will have my experience. I personally am on my path of Ascension, breaking through barriers and meeting challenges. I know for a fact if you want to improve the quality of your meditations and rites, then it is vital to take care of both the body and spirit.

As always,  question everything and test these ideas out for yourself. Each individual biology is unique which is why some people like me who get more energy out of doing more and other people are depleted by doing more. Learn to listen to your body so that you can find your balance.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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