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How to defend a psychic attack

This is one of the most favorite subjects of all the wizards and witches even if few know exactly how to deal with them in case someone is attacking. I am not here to question anyone’s mental health or emotional stability but most of the attackers harm anyone without even thinking of any consequences or reasons. They attack because the victim was bitching them in a way or another on a forum and instead of dealing with it in a rational way they chose magick, also they attack because the victim has a pretty wife or a good job or even because of a football game (not to mention that one is LHP and the other RHP and both from some kind of temples, but both equally intelligent- c’mon guys-grow up) in any case the reasons are not worthy for the punishment chosen. After all, life is the best initiator and what is better than evolve and deal with it like a man (or woman) even in a fist fight, rather than sneaking in the back of someone. Of course there are also the cases where the ”victim” is no longer victim but a predator and the wizard/witch is in self defense but am not talking about those cases here, but about those new age magicians (from both RHP and LHP) that have a lot of spare time and only one neuron that feels lonely out there.

You, as a magician should always know that due to the energetical works that you perform you drive attention to many unwanted beings, some that prey on some forms of energy. So your house and your body must always be very clean. You should bath once or twice a week in clean water with consecrated sea salt (I always clean my body first in a shower then step into the bath) and should visualize all the impurities being washed away and vanished into the void. You could also put some lavender for the perfume. After that you should always change in some clean clothes and you will feel the difference. Now is time for your house too. I surround it on all doors and windows with consecrated salt and visualize all the parasites or larvae that might be out there, and even magick dirt. After that bless it with spring water mixed with sea salt then light a candle. Some would also create a servitor to clean the house and eat all of the magick dirt or parasites but I won’t advise you to do that due to the fact that the servitor might become to powerful and is way too much trouble on keeping that servitor anyway.

The next step is to clean all of your chakras once or twice a week and scan every inch of your aura for any unwanted beings, sigils, writings, curses or even demons. The best time for one to attack is during night when our shields are more or less off so you should surround yourself with a firewall or some energy wall or even a fire pentagram and why not some sort of sigil. I, for example, was attacked by a vampiric being a month ago, while I was sleeping but tuned immediately as my senses warned me and defended. Now I don’t know how many of you can tune into lucid dream and fight back so I tell you, is better to shield yourselves before sleep.

I’ve noticed that many of the attackers are using a vampire magick, in a nutshell is absorbing victims energy (usually to death).Now, all magick is energy and all energies have a unique signature and what you have to do is simply follow the trace till you get into your attacker. I wouldn‚Äôt recommend you to just go and trace, but you should disguise not something different and eventually go to the Abyss and bath in its energy to lose your own ”smell” and shield-that way your attacker won’t be able to sniff you back. Once you got there cut the tentacle (because vampire magick demands a cord/tentacle with which one is vampirising the other) and sigil it with void or Abyss energy and eventually put also a sigil on it. Do the same with your tentacle entrance, then look with your third eye any doors in your own house¬† for the attacker. Those are usually statues, dolls, even some animals, anything that carries same energy signature-cut them and sigil them. After that you may clean yourself in a blessed bath.

Another method used by western magicians is sending a parasite on a victim. In that case the method is a bit different and depending on if the attacker is a solitary magician or into a temple. If the magician is in a temple then is using a far stronger energy so you will probably need to call backups (other magicians or Abyss beings that are involved in Justice). The parasite will usually attach itself to some chakras; mostly sexual chakra and solar plexus; but I’ve also seen heart chakra. What you need to do is detach the parasite as easy as possible with Abyss energy wrap it into a fishnet made of void and go with it to the Abyss. Some magicians chose to just burn the being but I am not sure if it dies completely and the parts that are not dead might still live and procreate. Again repeat the cleaning and sigil of all doorways.

The puppet or doll is very popular amongst Easter European wizards and also Voodoo practitioners (but not only). The attacker is making one puppet and fills it with hair, nails the photo or anything that could make a link with the victim. The best thing to do would be to find the puppet, but as usually you don’t even know the attacker personally, you can’t just bust in someone’s house and search for some Barbie dolls. Again here the spell might be attached to some energy fields inside the aura via your house(you might look for some doors there too and lock them). Another method is to deviate the course of the spell to another puppet. So you could make your own puppet and redirect the bad spell into the puppet.

Another magicians attack via the elements; mostly the wiccans; and the attached energy is not that bad so to say. In that case you might want to go to the element and try to talk to the beings involved, maybe you can change their attitude and eventually negotiate.

A very hard and nasty one is sending a demon on someone. I’ve never encountered such a curse but I’ve read about it and heared also. Most of the magicians that do that are from the kabalistical path but also some African/Arab sects. First of all you must be sure what you deal with, if not ask someone. Do not play the hero because you might play it on your own life. Some magicians use to chain the demon or even angel to do a job for them and that case might be easier for you, because you could talk to the being and unchain it and that way the spell is being removed. If the demon or angel is working freely then the best way is to ask for a superior being from inside the Abyss to help you and also asking some fellow magician that is an expert into exorcism to assist you.

Those that attack with no reason are usually dabblers (rarely you’ll see a real Adept attacking the pizza guy) and is they attacked you, they will go for another too. The best way to stop them, at least for a while, is not fighting back but blocking their energy. This will make them think that you are not one to fight with and secondly they might also give up. Also a superior being from the Abyss could also help you to balance and set the things right.

Of course those are just a few of the most common attack methods. If you know some more and also defending skills please let me know.

Article by Kirke

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